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Beck Throws a Shoe in an Interview with Thurston Moore


Everyone that is freaking out over how Beck beat Beyonce will take solace in knowing that he is a weird dude. Not sure who Thurston Moore is, but he is quite honestly the worst interviewer I have ever witnessed. Zero flow and all-around shiftiness.

In defense to Beck’s Grammy win, I just listened to the whole Morning Phase album and I can see how it would be something the academy would deem worthy of album of the year. It’s weird, don’t get me wrong, but it is definitely well composed and written.



Beck Bennett’s “Baby Boss” Skit Is Back For Round 2 and It Was Great

The one thing I always wished Lorne Michaels added to SNL was who created and wrote the sketches. I don’t know how he’d do this but I’ve always wanted to know, and this rings true for the “Baby Boss” sketch as well. I have to imagine the sketch idea was created by Beck Bennett, unless one of the writers has ESP and just knew he could play a perfect baby. Whether you like this sketch or not, there is no denying that Beck Bennett has perfect the mannerisms of a baby. Playing with his feet, trying to walk, smacking his hands together. I’m glad this is turning into a semi returning sketch, because the possibilities are literally endless for this kind of character.

– Ryan

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