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Trailer Alert: Spectre

“It was me James, the author of all your pain.” And with that line, I am ready to see Christoph Waltz take on James Bond. Being the present incarnation of a character with the history of James Bond is sometimes debilitating, because it’s much easier to look back and say “such and such was the BEST James Bond” while the guy who’s currently playing him keeps churning out fantastic movies. When it’s all said and done, Daniel Craig will go down as one of the best Bond’s ever, and this movie looks absolutely stunning. Both from a visual and a storytelling standpoint, Spectre looks like it’s going to be an action packed emotional roller coaster. Plus, Batista!

– Ryan

Ranking The Royal Rumble Winners – Part 7

It’s Royal Rumble season, which means it’s almost WrestleMania season. Thanks to the WWE Network, you can go back and watch all the old Royal Rumble pay per views and matches, and in that spirit, I decided to rank the winners. I’ll be ranking the winners every day until the we reach #1, including this weekend, so make sure you come back to the blog Saturday and Sunday and check it out. If you’re interested in checking out who’s already on the list, use the tricky magnifying glass at the top of the screen and search ‘Royal Rumble winners’ or scroll through the blog. Now, onto the rankings!

16. Batista – 2005 & 2014 Royal Rumbles

Batista marks our first multiple time winner on this prestigious list, as he won Royal Rumbles almost a decade apart. While both of his wins were shrouded in some kind of controversy, there’s no denying that Batista was one of the most important wrestlers in the WWE for the better part of the 2000s.

The Good: Batista was a 4 time World Heavyweight champ & 2 time WWE champion; he won two Royal Rumbles, something only four other wrestlers have done. When he was on, he was very good. He had memorable feuds with HHH, Undertaker and John Cena, a major reason he was a 6 times combined World or WWE champion. He was an integral member of one of the better post Attitude era factions, Evolution.

The Not So Good: As mentioned above, both of his Royal Rumble wins involved a bit of controversy. In 2005, he and John Cena were eliminated at the same time, causing a restart of the Rumble with the final two, Batista and Cena, back in the ring. Batista did win the match fair and square after the restart, but as far as Rumble wins go, it was pretty controversial a la Bret and Luge in ’94 except with a decisive winner. Then there was last year. Poor Batista was brought back and thrust into the main event scene just as the legitimate best wrestler in the world was becoming the most popular wrestler in the world. WWE made the mistake of trying to bring him back as a good guy, and the crowd shit (feces were literally flying everywhere) all over it. When Rey Mysterio entered at #30 and the crowd realized Daniel Bryan wasn’t going to be in the Rumble, they turned on Batista, booing him out of the building when he finally eliminated Roman Reigns. He was officially the least popular Rumble winner of the modern era. During his first run with the company, Batista ‘quit’ the WWE just as he was getting good to pursue his Hollywood dreams, which always left a bad taste in my mouth. The funny thing is Batista’s initial push reminds me of what the WWE is trying to do with Roman Reigns right now: a guy with the right look and the right attitude backstage getting thrust into the spotlight before he’s ready. It worked out for Batista, so hopefully the same can be said for Reigns a decade from now.

Make sure to check the blog over the weekend, as I’ll be featuring #15 and #14, including one of the most controversial wrestlers in WWE history.

– Ryan

The Instagram Reaction to Batista’s Royal Rumble Win Was a Rollercoaster of Emotions


I have to say I wasn’t happy with Batista winning the Royal Rumble last night. Something about a guy leaving for four years then being back a week and already having a main event spot at Wrestlemania rubs me the wrong way. My dismay was nothing compared to the reaction on Instagram.

The first three commenters seem to be on the same page. Between Daniel Bryan not even being in the Rumble and Batista eventually winning it, there were alot of pissed off fans. I can honestly say I’ve never watched a Rumble where the most popular guy (Bryan, by far) wasn’t included in the match. Not wanting someone to main event Mania is one thing, but not allowing the guy to even be in the rumble is just plain dumb.

While most of the commenters were pissed off, @paintrainexpress just wanted some answers: someone tell him who won the goddamn royal timbal! And while we’re at it make sure that last commenter knows another word besides boycott.

– Ryan

And Your Royal Rumble Winner is….Batista

d13dcbf31618fee12327a1a6b0fdadf4I could not be happier with the results of the Royal Rumble. Maybe it’s because I enjoy seeing The Animal tear people part and maybe it’s because I won a smooth $100 dollars yesterday, because of him. Either way I think Batista highlighting Wrestlemania is a good move. He clearly needs to shake some rust off, but once he does I can see a dynamite match in our future. I can see it now: Batista vs Orton with HHH in Ortons corner and Flair behind  Batista. Do they have history? Yes they do.




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