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067 Barstool in the WWE?

Welcome to the Average Nobodies podcast number 67 for March 22, 2018

On today’s show we’re chatting about What We’ve Been Up To, Barstool and WWE joining forces, Rough N Rowdy 3, the latest from Donald Trump, the Twitter Question of the Week and What We’re Watching. You can chat with us on Twitter @AverageNobodies, toss us a like on Facebook @AverageNobodies and heart all our pictures on instagram, @AverageNobodies. Don’t forget, this podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and YouTube.

020 Super Bowl, Royal Rumble, Pat Macafee

Opening (0:00 – 2:40), Super Bowl (2:40 – 19:22), Barstool Sports and Pat Macafee (19:22 – 26:25), Beyonce (26:25 – 31:05), Royal Rumble (31:05 – 35:50), What are we watching (35:50 – 47:47)

Colts Punter Pat McAfee Has Retired From The NFL To Join Barstool Sports #OwnTheMoon


In case you’ve been living under a combination of sticks and moss (living under a rock is overused) Barstool Sports has been dominating late night television this week with The Rundown on Comedy Central. It’s a condensed version of their usual podcast featuring El Pres, KFC & Big Cat, and if you haven’t checked out the podcast or the three episodes that aired on CC this week then you’re really missing out. They can be a little over the top but they’re funny, and I think we could all use a little funny right now. While the first two nights were relatively calm, last night they dropped a bombshell: 29 year old Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee simultaneously announced his retirement and that he’d be joining Barstool in an exclusive press conference. They were hyping a huge announcement all day on social media with the hashtag ‘own the moon’, but nobody had any idea what it was. I wouldn’t have been able to guess an active NFL punter was joining their team in my wildest dreams. Barstool is becoming a legit powerhouse in the media because of their work ethic and constant content, and if they’re able to continue to add professional athletes to their team, they might actually end up owning the moon.


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