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Insane Instagram Comments – Maryse & Kelly Kelly Bring All The Horn Dogs To The Yard


Before I even looked at the comments for this picture, I knew something weird was going to happen. Maryse & Kelly Kelly are two of the hottest women on the planet. That is a fact that can not be denied. They’re both also former WWE Divas, which means they’ve crossed the dangerous threshold of being really hot and having a lot of wrestling fans. Combine that with the general insanity that is the Instagram comments section and you have yourself a recipe for success. Maybe not success, but it’s a recipe for something. While the first commenter goes the traditional route and just comments the letter ‘S’, @pappi91 immediately turns up the heat and gets right to the point. I think there’s a time and a place to make a comment like this. In this case, the time and place being ‘never’ and ‘never’. The best (or worst) part is that he’s pretty much having a conversation with himself. He’s not responding to another comment; he just saw a picture he liked and decided to tell the whole world his plans for the rest of the day. Unfortunately for us, his plans involved a dangerous amount of masturbation.

– Ryan


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