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Katherine Webb Dumps AJ? Yeah, Right.


Katherine Webb dumped AJ McCarron? If you believe this for a minute then you need to tighten your helmet and smell the roses. I’ll tell you what happened here, Aj dropped Kat off at the bus stop and kept on down the road. Let’s remember why she is so famous for a minute. The camera pans her way during one of AJ’s games and the commentators start drooling all over their mics. She is hot, I will give her that, but not ground breaking hot. I could find a thousand of her around the country. If you don’t believe me Google search “Devin Brugman”, guaranteed you won’t even know who Katherine Webb is tomorrow.

AJ’s got a big future ahead of him: The NFL draft (where he gets selected by the buccaneers), endorsement deals, commercials, chicks to bang, and Superbowl’s to win (with the Buccaneers). This is just the story of AJ growing up and moving on to the fantastic life he has ahead of him.  Kat unfollowing him on Twitter was just a move to save face. Katerine, you’re all set now, AJ helped to propel you into superstardom. Ride the wave of fame sweetie, ride it hard, and always remember, if you feel the spotlight closing in on you just make a porno with your next man friend or start a reality TV show.


A Look Inside The Oregon Duck’s New 68-Mil Facility

Chip Kelly is going to want his old job back.

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PS- This puts Bama’s 9-mil facility to shame! Makes them look like broke hillbillys.

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