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What is Wrong With This Guy



You’ve probably seen this kid all over the internet in the last 24 hours. If not, this is the dick that ran through the Boston marathon memorial event yesterday and dropped a unmarked bag while chanting “Boston strong”. Above is his facebook page and below are some of his YouTube videos.

I have seen a lot of deranged people cross my computer since we started this blog, but this by far is the one that leaves me the most dumbfounded and angry. Like really guy? Save all your strange for another day, not only was this careless and stupid, but it was also dangerous for everyone involved. Less than a year ago we had the city of Boston brought to its knees by 2 kids (kids that he apparently idolizes) and you want to pull this? Get the hell out of here, guy.


PS- I can’t stress enough how haunting these videos are. Makes Florida look like Maine.


I Wish Shia LaBeouf Would Just Go Away


For someone who keeps saying he doesn’t want to be famous anymore, Shia LaBeouf sure does draw a lot of attention to himself. If you don’t want to be famous then just stop showing up to movie premiers. Or show up and blend into the background. Pretty much do anything except wear a paper bag over your head that says “I am not famous anymore”. I was a big Shia fan, but now he’s just getting annoying. Either make movies and count your money or leave everyone alone. If I may quote your most famous movie, Shia, if you don’t like that, well, that’s too damn bad!

– Ryan

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