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Badass of the Week – Freddie Mercury



When we started these “Badass of the week” posts I clearly stated that the person did not need to be relevant that particular week, or even alive. My pick happens to be both, and yet he is still my Badass of the Week, and that’s badass. Freddie Mercury had it all, the rock star look, the mustache, the voice, and an all-time great band behind him, queen. I have always said if I could sing like anyone in the history of the world I would sing like Freddie. This guy had a vocal range that couldn’t be touched and an energy that couldn’t be replicated. He could serenade you to sleep (It’s a Hard Life ) or rock your socks off (Bohemian Rhapsody). I have never seen Freddie Mercury live because sadly his life was cut far to short, but I have seen videos of his live performances, and they’re amazing. Freddie Mercury is my, vocally superior, badass of the week.


Badass of the Week – Neil Armstrong

Brand new to is “Badass of the Week”. It’s simple, every week we pick someone (past or present) and give them the prestigious honor of gracing our webpages as Badass of the Week. Look for it every Thursday.

Neil Armstrong

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True Facts About The Mantis Shrimp

The Mantis Shrimp is by far the most badass animal on the planet.  I’d put it up against a bear one-on-one.

Thanks to Ze Frank for all the awesome “True Facts” videos!


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