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Trailer Alert – Bright

Getting Will (we are on a first name basis…he just doesn’t know it) back in the role of one half of a buddy cop team is a great thing. It’s his bread and butter. So, while I wait for Bad Boys 3, this will have to do. The trailer certainly does a good job of getting my interested–Honestly, it had me at that scary fucking fairy trying to get in the bird feeder. Love weird shit like that. I think the main reason ‘Suicide Squad’ failed (to a degree) was because Will Smith needs to be in a lead role. Him as Deadshot was awesome, but his celebrity threw off the balance of the film. Him back in a leading role is what’s best for business and Netflix gets that.


‘Bad Boys 3’ Might Be A Thing That’s Happening Soon

BB3Sony Pictures has been building up its franchises quickly, and now I’m hearing that Bad Boys 3 is looking like a strong possibility to get going. Safe House scribe David Guggenheim wrote a strong draft that now has Joe Carnahan in early talks to do a quick pass to possibly direct. I’m hearing this is all moving quickly as the studio wants to have the movie for Will Smith to consider as his next slot after Suicide Squad. Smith starred in the first two high-action films with Martin Lawrence in 1995 and 2003. which Michael Bay directed. Carnahan certainly has that combustible style that goes with the franchise. He most recently directed the superb thriller The Grey. Stay tuned.

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I’m a lot biased because Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2 are two of my favorite movies (and I really wanted to do use this GIF again), but this is wonderfully fantastic news. Will Smith needs a big time movie and if Martin Lawrence is still alive we can throw him back in here too. The only misleading thing about this article is that they describe The Grey as a ‘superb thriller’. If I wanted to see Liam Neeson get eaten by wolves I’d create my own Broadway play titled ‘Liam Neeson Gets Eaten By Wolves’. Other than that, I hope this is true, and I hope Will Smith makes a gigantic comeback with possibly this and ‘Suicide Squad’. The world is a better place when Will Smith is in in good movies.

– Ryan

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