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Michael J. Fox Joined Coldplay For A Live Performance Of Johnny B. Goode

Coldplay performed at MetLife Stadium over the weekend, and look who decided to stop by to bring some Back to the Future nostalgia to the masses. If you’re not a fan of Back to the Future or Michael J. Fox you’re an evil, awful human being, and that is an undisputable fact. Granted I once sat in a movie theatre for over 8 hours straight watching all three BTTF movies, but that’s besides the point. You show me a video of Michael J. Fox playing the guitar while Coldplay sings Johnny B. Goode and I will watch that video 1,000 out of 1,000 times.


Marty McFly & Doc Brown Stopped By Jimmy Kimmel Live To Cap Off #BackToTheFutureDay

Back to the Future day ended with one of their boldest predictions ending in misery (sorry Cubs fan), but it also featured Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reprising their legendary roles to stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live in a Delorean. Bubble vests were never and will never be in style, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Michael J. Fox. It was also nice to see Doc Brown and his crazy hair back on any kind of television of movie screen. While it was great to see both of them, I’m sure we’ll see them again soon once another future prediction is close to coming true.


Happy #BackToTheFuture Day Buttheads

If there’s a franchise that deserves it’s own day and has really stood the test of time, it’s the Back To The Future franchise. I’m admittedly biased because the original is one of my favorite movies ever, but Back To The Future is as great now as it was back then, and it’s even making it’s way into post season baseball talk because of its bold (and almost shockingly accurate) Cubs prediction. I wasn’t alive when the first one came out so I didn’t get to experience it until years later, but you don’t really appreciate the creativity and ambition of movies like this until you’re older. A few years ago a few friends and I went to see the trilogies back to back to back on the big screen and it was so good and so cool to see it the way it was meant to be seen. Enjoy Back to the Future day, and if you’re not capping it off by watching at least one of the movies tonight, you’re doing it wrong.


The Hover Board is Finally Here!

Real or not…you be the judge.


Is “The Hill Valley Project” the Best Thing on Twitter?


Just when I thought twitter might be getting a bit stale with its content, they go and do something like this! The “Hill Valley Project” is public twitter list that is currently reenacting the Back To The Future film. Here are a few sample twitter accounts/tweets involved in the action.





Take My Money – Lego Edition


I haven’t played with legos since I was probably 12, but Lego just made a strong business move that might make me throw my hat back in the Lego ring. Lego just released new Back To The Future sets, starring the, one-and-only, time traveling DeLorean that we all have grown to love. Did I mention it comes with Doc Brown and Marty McFly mini figs?! SCHWINNGG



PS- Michael J. Fox is on board!

From Now On I’m Only Traveling Via DeLorean’s




Some people wake up and live an average, 9-5 type of life. Then there’s Rick Weissensel. Rick makes people’s dreams come true. Now that I’ve found him and his marvelous creations, I think it’s only right that I go into horrible debt and purchase everything he makes. Heading to the mall? I think I’ll take my DeLorean Hummer. Got an exclusive lake party/polo match to attend? Seems only right to take my DeLorean stretch limousine. If I ever want to be a royal asshole and ruin everyone’s perfect beach day I can take my DeLorean hovercraft right into the Atlantic Ocean. As a Back To The Future Fan and general lover of Michael J. Fox, this is a dream come true. Someone needs to push Rick to make a DeLorean airplane. That’s when the real fun starts.

– Ryan

P.S. What a Monday. I’ve discovered I’m a lake person and found my new mode of transportation. That’s what I call a boom baby.

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