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Versatile Blogger Award – Thanks For Your Support!

Medium work and perseverance do pay off. Our friend Erin at Hodgepodge Pilot’s Wife has nominated us for the versatile blogger award. Thanks to Erin and all our followers and readers for your support! This is only the beginning.


Seven average facts about the Nobodies:

1. We’re wrestling enthusiasts.

2. We can, and do quote movies as a serious hobby. If you give us a movie and we can’t come up with a quote, we’ll drink a beer. Which brings us to our third fact.

3. We love beer. Lite beer, heavy beer, craft beer, homemade beer. If it’s got hops, we’ll drink it.

4. Ryan couldn’t ride a bike until he was 20 years old.

5. Ryan thought the lyrics were “go, go Jason waterfalls” to TLC’s “Waterfalls” for a long, long time. Still not sure what the real lyrics are.

6. Matt sings uncomfortably loud in the car.

7. Matt is a black belt in karate. (pronounced cah-rah-tay)

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Miley Cyrus Has Ruined Tongues For Me Forever

Did I feel weird writing that title? Yes I did, but I can’t ignore my true feelings. I was a believer in Miley Cyrus. I defended her through her crazy hair stage and ignored the now apparent fact that she’s completely insane. Here is Miley’s performance from last nights VMAs:

Pretty weird performance, but I’m not going to stifle her bizarrely creative process. If someone wants to dry hump an oversized bear let them do it. The one thing I, and everyone else probably noticed, though. was that Miley stuck her tongue out. A lot.


Almost an awkward amount of times. Combine that with the fact that she was overly sweating and her hair was what my nightmares now consist of, and you have one guy who is officially off team Miley. I’ll never look at tongues the same way again. All I can think of is all the horrible places that tongue has been. The horror!

– Ryan

P.S. Hey Miley, this is how it’s done


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