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034 Are Rey and Kylo teaming up?

On today’s show we have three super exciting trailers to talk about, we analyze the possibility of another video game movie, the reason Fast 9 was delayed and we wrap up with what we’ve been watching. You can chat with us on Twitter @MakeMovieGreat, toss us a like on Facebook @MakeMoviesGreat and like all our pictures on instagram, @MakeMoviesgreat. Don’t forget, this podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and YouTube.

022 The Best of the Best (January to June 2017)

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Ep 11 – The Fast and The Infinity Gauntlet

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Your Average Ant-Man Review (No Spoilers)



As far as comic book/superhero movies go I wasn’t excited at al for the release of Ant-Man. Yeah i’m a hug comic and movie nerd, yes I have a titanic sized crush on Paul Rudd and yes Michael Douglas having sex with Matt Damon in “Behind the Candelabra” is still burned into my retinas (Maybe that’s why I didn’t want t see it). Ant-Man is a a lesser known (well, less mainstream) superhero, one that didn’t seem to stack up against The Hulk, or even Iron Man when it came to silver screen presence. Boy was I wrong. Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang was a delightful combination of wit, badassery, and empathy. Not to mention the Ant-man suite is as badass as any superhero costume can get (Ironman included).

Another surprising aspect of the film was its frequent connection with the Marvel cinematic universe. Way more references to The Avengers than I thought (plus a little nod to your friendly neighborhood web crawler?!?!?!?).

All-in-all I really enjoyed Ant-Man. I feel like it can stack up right along side the other Avengers stand-alones. Would I like to se a sequel with Paul Rudd as Ant-Man? Yeah I would, whether or not Ant-Man gets a sequel is yet to be known, but we can at least expect to see him in Civil War coming in 2016.

I give it a solid 8.15677654987 #MattStars

Hell of a time for comic book nerds.


Trailer Alert – Avengers Trailer #3

May cannot come soon enough!


Spider-Man, Finally, Joins The Marvel Universe & The State of the Superhero Genre


At long last Spider-Man will finally join the rest of the Marvel superheroes! Late last night Sony Pictures (owner of Spider-Man and Toby Maguire’s Soul) and Marvel Studios made a deal that will allow the web crawling fan favorite to join his fellow superheroes in the Marvel universe. Big news right? No…..HUGE NEWS. This will finally allows one of the most unique heroes to join up with The Avengers where he belongs.

Now on to some obvious questions about Spidey’s future. First and most prevalent being: Who will play the web-swinging mercenary? If I had to go with a knee jerk answer here I’d say keep Garfield as he has been a pleasant surprise as Peter Parker. If I am going to go out on a limb and try to guess who could play him i’d say maybe Ty Sheridan or another up-and-comer like that. Lets keep in mind that Spidey isn’t a large frame, so guys like Channing Tatum are out of luck for this casting call.

Next question: What does this do for the current Spider-Man franchise? Does it stop? The short answer, I would say, is no. It seems like the Sinister Six movie has been pushed back and not canceled so I am feeling like Andrew Garfield might still have a while left playing Peter Parker, which also supports him as my pick for the Marvel movie Spider-Man. You can’t have two different Spider-Men running around and shit. That isn’t right.

Lastly, i’m a big picture kind of guy, so after hearing of this news the first thing that came to mind was the other characters in the Sony Spider-Man universe to join him……..Carnage? VENOM?!

A man can dream, and dream I will.


The Avengers Are Fighting Robots Now In The New ‘Age Of Ultron’ Trailer

I’m sure this movie will be good, but I’m all superhero’d out at this point. It was fine when each superhero had their own movie, but is it really necessary to not only make an Iron Man, Thor & Captain America movie AND a bunch of Avenger movies? Don’t get me wrong, the trailer looks great, but if you spend a couple hundred million dollars on a movie and the trailer doesn’t look great you should probably stop making movies. I’m sure the heroes will be pushed to the brink of death before valiantly saving the day while the entire world is ruined, but I think it’s time we take a break and start making some original screenplays. The more movies with hundred million dollar budgets the worse Hollywood has become. Putting all that aside, I can’t wait to see Mark Ruffalo kick some robot ass.

– Ryan

Must Watch Trailer – Captain America The Winter Soldier

captain america

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is back and he is joined by a newcomer to the Marvel movie world, The Falcon! (Played by Anthony Mackie: underrated actor alert) In this new installment of the Avengers franchise we’re also introduced to a new villain, The Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes (played by Sebastian Stan). Barnes, like Captain America, was also frozen in ice until his thaw shortly after the Cap is out. In the comics, Bucky was originally a good guy (the Captains friend), turned cyborg assassin by the Russians. It’ll be interesting to see how Captain America combats what is sure to be one of his fiercest rivals. This trailer is definitely captivating, and should prove to be an intriguing chapter in the Avengers story.

-The Average Nobodies

PS- Did I mention Black Widow is in it as well? You can never have enough Scarlett Johansson in your life.

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