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The Godfather, The Wrestling Pimp, Is Going To Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

What a time to be alive. The Godfather, the same guy who would offer his ‘hoes’ to other wrestlers like Vader in exchange for a win, is getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s surprising but at the same time not surprising at all. The WWE LOVES the Attitude Era. It’s the reason they’re still a successful company today. I’m surprised every single roster member from that era isn’t already in the Hall of Fame, but I’m assuming that’s coming eventually. As far as The Godfather goes, it’s my second favorite gimmick Charles Wright performed (Papa Shango is #1) and I’m not really someone who should be arguing for or against someone making a fictional Hall of Fame. As long as there’s a ho train at the induction ceremony, I’ll be a happy man.



Badass of the Week: Vincent Kennedy McMahon


It’s not really fair to pick Vince McMahon for “Badass of the WEEK”, because in reality Vince is Badass of the century, maybe millennium. Laying in my bed last night I tried to come up with how I was going to tackle the feat of fitting all of Vince’s Badassery into one blog post. In all honesty it’s impossible, so I found some pictures to help tell the story.

tumblr_m7jcokn6p11rxzb6jo1_128011_vince_mcmahon_milestone_01 Vince-McMahon vince-mcmahon-1

Father, grandfather, devoted husband, billionaire, philanthropist, professional wrestler, CEO, sports entertainment visionary, marketing genius, and television pioneer are only a fraction of the things that describe Vinnie Mac. On the eve of Vince’s baby, Wrestlemania, lets all sit back and remember who made professional wrestling what it is today. Who took small territories and raised them up to the world stage? Who created the longest running episodic television show in history? Who created a billion dollar industry while at the same time giving back every step of the way? Vince did all that PLUS more.

No matter what happens week to week in WWE my friends and I always remind ourselves one thing: “In Vince we trust”.

Vince McMahon is a badass.


‘My Sacrifice’ WWE Video is as Good as it Gets

Goosebumps every time. While this video is old news (I’ve probably watched it 1,000,000 times over a 5 year span) it never loses its charm. It brings me back to the golden age of pro wrestling, a time that WWE has been working to get back to, and I think they are almost there. Please push the right guys. PLEASE.


Monsterblog Wednesday: Our Favorite ECW Matches


ECW. Three letters that will live on in wrestling lore forever. What started as a small time Philadelphia based wrestling promotion eventually blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon. ECW became primarily known for it’s particularly violent matches and cult like fan base, but it also showcased great technical bouts, and introduced American audiences to the lucha-libre style of combat that is still popular today. Under the guidance of Paul Heyman, ECW started a revolution in wrestling that is still talked about to this day. Plainly stated, without ECW, there would have never been an “Attitude Era” that so many fans knew and loved. Whether you liked Japanese Death Matches, Barb Wire ropes, Steel Cages or good old fashioned two out of three falls, ECW had you covered. While their were many memorable moments and matches in ECW, we decided to flex our mental muscles and only pick one match each. Here are our favorite matches in ECW history.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Spike Dudley and Balls Mahoney – Chicago Street Fight

If you’ve never watched an ECW match, here is a general rule of thumb: watch a match with The  Dudley Boyz. The Dudley’s had many great feuds in ECW, but the handful of matches they had with their little brother Spike and Balls Mahoney were the most memorable. Cheese graters, thumbtacks and flaming tables. All in a day’s work. Make sure you stick around until the end of this video. A human being is powerbombed through a flaming table.

– Ryan


Mike Awesome VS Masato Tanaka – ECW One Night Stand

Tanaka vs. Awesome. A match, that on paper just doesn’t work.  Has to be one of my favorite feuds in ECW (My favorite is Tazz and Sabu).  Just beating the shit out of each other and loving it. If you looked up “Extreme” in the wrestling dictionary, you would find all their classic matches.  Enjoy


PS- Listen to that crowd!

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