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Republican Politician Greg Gianforte Would Rather Attack A Reporter Than Talk About Trumpcare

Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate in Montana’s special congressional election, has been charged with misdemeanor assault after he allegedly body slammed a reporter and broke his glasses on Wednesday night.

The altercation took place at Gianforte’s campaign headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, the night before the state’s special election. It sent political shock waves rippling through the race, with two local newspapers rescinding their support for the GOP candidate.

Ben Jacobs, a political reporter for the Guardian, said he had been asking Gianforte about the Republican healthcare plan when the candidate “body slammed” him and began shouting, “Get the hell out of here.”

“He took me to the ground,” Jacobs told his paper. “This is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me in reporting on politics.”

The audio file provided by Jacobs backs up his account of the incident and so did accounts by other journalists who witnessed the incident. – CNN

The only known video of the incident

Here’s the issue with this story (besides a politician beating up a reporter for asking a question): we live in the era of outrage. Either people are outraged at something that Donald Trump or someone who supports him does or people are outraged that there are people who are outraged at the thing that just happened. There’s no middle ground. So when Republican Congressional hopeful Greg Gianforte allegedly beats up a reporter for asking his opinion on the CBO score of Trumpcare, we’re too busy arguing with each other to miss the tiny details of the story. Like how Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin donated to Gianforte’s campaign. Or how over 250,000 ballots have already been cast, which could end up being over half the ballots cast in the special election.

If Gianforte did assault a reporter for asking a question, then yes it’s obviously wrong and he should face the consequences for his actions. I just think people need to sit back and take a breath before jumping on Twitter and calling for his head to be chopped off, and for the other half of people to stop calling for every reporter in the country to have a bag of sand poured down their throats. Lock it up, America.


There Is Currently A Hamburger Assault Epidemic In Florida Right Now

FloridaDuring an argument over infidelity, a Florida woman threw a hamburger at her boyfriend, striking him in the eye and landing her in jail.

According to cops, Rykihia Moore and Mario Thornton were bickering Saturday evening over Moore reportedly “being unfaithful.”

In the midst of the verbal beef inside a Clearwater home, the 27-year-old Moore “took a hamburger” and threw it at Thornton, her beau of 12 months. The burger, a criminal complaint alleges, struck Thornton in the eye.

Florida, AgainA man accused of hitting his dad with a McDonald’s bag with hamburgers in it likely wasn’t lovin’ it when deputies tossed him in the Indian River County Jail, according to an arrest affidavit.

Tanner Wolf, 19, was jailed May 24 on a misdemeanor charge after the hamburger hullabaloo in Vero Beach.

Wolf’s father told Indian River County Sheriff’s investigators that Wolf has been causing problems. He “is using marijuana and out of his mind,” the affidavit states.

Wolf’s father said he asked his son to get his feet off the kitchen counters. He said his son grew upset and began cursing at him.

That’s when Wolf is accused of lobbing the McDonald’s bag with burgers in it, striking his dad.


We haven’t heard from Florida in awhile, so it only makes sense for them to come back with a bang. While the 99.9% of the world is busy eating hamburgers, Florida is busy assaulting people with them. My only question is this is kind of a stretch for assault. How injured can someone be from a flying hamburger, especially from McDonald’s. McDonald’s hamburgers weigh like half a pound. They’re not even made of real meat. It’s basically like throwing a half pound piece of rubber at someone. But when you’re talking about Florida, you have to expect the unexpected. Multiple hamburger assault crimes might be the definition of unexpected.

– Ryan

Chris Brown Has Got the Asshole of the Decade Award Locked Up

(Source) “Chris Brown was arrested outside of a Washington, D.C. hotel in the wee hours of Sunday morning after allegedly striking a man, TMZ reports. The F.A.M.E. singer was booked on felony assault charges for punching the man in the face after an argument got out of hand. Sources claim Breezy and the man did not know each other, and that the other man did not throw a punch.

Brown was with his bodyguard, who was also arrested. Law enforcement confirms that neither Brown nor his bodyguard were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The victim of the reported attack, who is claiming serious injury, was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment. 

If convicted, Brown could face up to four years of prison time for the incident, which violates his 2009 probation order following the battery of then-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown was also involved in scuffles with rapper and nemesis Drake, and later with Frank Ocean, neither of which resulted in criminal charges. 

Breezy was in the D.C. area to host a party at Park & 14th nightclub.

Chris Brown allegedly used a gay slur against the man he punched in the face, according to eyewitnesses, in front of a Washington, D.C. hotel early Sunday morning. The victim and his friend reportedly photo bombed a picture Brown was taking with two female fans, causing the singer to snap and start a brawl. 

Before throwing the first punch, Brown reportedly said, “I’m not into this gay s***, I’m into boxing.” The victim of the attack, who was treated at a local hospital and subsequently released, is urging prosecutors to file criminal charges. Brown could face up to four years of prison time for breaking his probation (still active from his 2009 attack against Rihanna) and additional time if convicted of assault.”


What a piece of shit this guy has turned out to be. It’s not enough to be a women beater anymore. Now you have to be a homophobe too. It seems as if Chris Brown has gotten every dickhead attribute a human can be born with. The perfect storm of assholes. Let’s hope this time he gets the punishment he deserves, which is a 4 year jail sentence with his roomate, slippery Jim.

– Ryan

Martina Hingis is Kind of Insane

The husband of Martina Hingis claims the Swiss tennis player, her mother and  her mother’s boyfriend beat him up.

French showjumper Thibault Hutin is currently waiting to divorce the Grand  Slam winner, but things took a turn for the violent on Monday when Hingis and  two members of her family attacked him.

“On  Monday evening, I was in our shared apartment when the doorbell rang. In the  course of a dispute, Martina and her mother Melanie Molitor pounced on me —  beating and scratching me. My upbringing forbids me to beat women,” he told  Swiss Newspaper Blick.

 “I resisted every effort but Mario Widmer, the partner of Melanie, struck me  in the head with a DVD player,” Hutin added.

The attack ended in the trio taking Hutin’s credit card and passport. Hutin  then called police and reported the “violent incident” claiming he had also  received threatening text messages.

He has since moved into a hotel and plans to return to Paris.”

“The policemen went back to the apartment with me and forced the three to  surrender my valuables,” Hutin is quoted as saying.

“They wanted to kill me. I’m shocked! I never thought it would go so  far.”

Hutin and Higins decided to separate after Hutin reportedly found her  cheating on him after one year of marriage and later a second time after he had  forgiven the first slip.

Martina Hingis Reportedly Beat Up Estranged Husband

Martina Hingis had us all fooled. World class tennis player. Darling human being. Not anymore. Apparently she recruits her family to beat up people that SHE cheats on. Slyly convincing her mother’s boyfriend to hit her husband over the head with DVD players, then steal his credit cards and passport. Those are the actions of a master manipulator. Or someone who has had a serious psychotic break. Poor Thibault must’ve felt like Austin Powers after he got hit with a shoe. Honestly, who hits someone over the head with a DVD player? Martina Hingis’s mothers boyfriend, that’s who.

– Ryan

No One Appreciates a Good Back Rub Anymore

Julio Yanez

Julio Yanez of Boone, N.C., was arrested Aug. 15, after he allegedly entered a woman’s unsecured apartment, got in her bed and tried to give her a back rub.

According to WXII, the 29-year-old had already been arrested for similar offenses twice before.

In a July incident, the victim told Yanez to leave, but he refused and tried to give her a back rub. The victim rebuffed him, then asked Yanez to leave again, according the Charlotte Observer. He was later arrested.

After his July arrest, additional women came forward and claimed Yanez had entered their rooms and tried to give them back rubs in April and June.

Yanez is charged with two counts of breaking and entering and assault on a female. He is due in court Sept. 17.

Nobody trusts anyone these days. If i’m in bed and someone starts going to town on my back, i’m not even turning over  to see who it is, i’m just going to enjoy it. A back rub is a back rub, no matter which way you look at it. Poor Julio here is getting his nuts crunched over giving away free massages. I can’t even believe The Law has the nerve to call what he did “assault”. Oh, and lady, you wanted it, you know you did. You left your apartment “unsecured”, of course you wanted Julio to sneak in and crawl in your bed. That’s back rub 101.


PS- Julio, if you ever take your back rubbing to the next level, consider cutting your hair. It might be where you’re going wrong.

Jo Jo Offerman Is Singing The National Anthem At Summerslam, Which Reminds Me: Isn’t Her Dad Insane?

Jo Jo Offerman, a WWE developmental Diva and star of the E! show Total Divas, is singing the national anthem this Sunday at WWE Summerslam. She’s beautiful, a great singer and very talented in the ring.

Pretty normal news story right? Except for the fact that her father, former MLB player Jose Offerman, is insane. In 2007, he was arrested for assault after hitting a pitcher and catcher IN THE HEAD WITH A BAT.

Now I’m sure after somebody does that, they’re never allowed to play the game again. Wrong. Three years later, Offerman punched an umpire while disputing a call.

Those of you who are going to say “well he didn’t actually connect with the punch” are really missing the point. Following this incident, Jose was banned for life by the Dominican Winter League, which apparently means nothing, considering the ban was lifted in February of this year.

Let’s hope Jo Jo does the national anthem justice this Sunday, and pray to God she leaves her dad at home.

– Ryan

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