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Lebron James Had to Be Carried to the Bench During Last Night’s Game Because of Cramps


Here’s the thing: cramps suck, especially for a basketball player like Lebron, who routinely plays 40-42 out of 48 minutes in a game. Add in the fact that the air conditioning broke and it was apparently 90 degrees inside the AT&T Center and I can understand you getting cramps in your legs. But come on. Game 1 of the NBA Finals, you’re going for a three peat and trying to get your team into the “greatest teams ever” discussion…and you leave the game with cramps. I’m rooting for the Heat to win. I no longer despise Lebron, because it’s clear he’s the best player on the planet and saying otherwise at this point in his career makes you look very, very stupid. No one can guard him, and he can guard ANYONE on the other team. What else do you want in a player? But situations like these make it really hard to defend him. How can one of, if not the best athlete in the world continually leave the game with cramps? It doesn’t seem possible that this can keep happening. Is he not hydrating himself? Are the trainers Texan spies? It really boggles my mind. I hope Lebron comes back strong Sunday and the Heat rally off four straight wins and we can get past this. But for now, bring on the Midol jokes. Lebron has cramps.

– Ryan

The Dallas Mavericks Lost Last Night Because of Two Words: Tony Romo


What the hell is Tony Romo’s problem? He’s either the most unaware person on the planet or just a complete asshole or both. Its not enough for you to ruin the life of every Cowboys fan? You gotta bring that bad juju into the American Airlines Arena and cost my Mavs a pivotal game 4. Tony Romo is the professional athlete version of a mush. If he travels to San Antonio Wednesday I will burn his house to the ground. Leave the Mavs alone!

– Ryan

Antonio Cesaro’s 100 Rotation Giant Swing Will Blow Your Mind

Cesaro is my favorite wrestler on the WWE roster right now, and it has a lot to do with moves like this. Get this man a main event feud asap.

– Ryan

Rutgers AD Used to Call Her Players “Whores” and “Alcoholics” and 16 Years Later They’re Pissed

So I was going to write a blog about how this idiot shouldn’t be the Rutgers AD, especially after the whole Mike Rice thing. Then I started thinking why did she care in the first place, what’s the big deal with sexual promiscuity and binge drinking, especially in college? Some of the greatest athletes of all time did these things on a regular basis and long past their college years.

I wanted to put my own take on this story, but I found an article that beat me to the punch and if we’re being totally honest there’s no way I can top it so I’m just going to totally rip off his hilarious list. But honestly, all the credit goes to Ben Mathis-Lilley over at buzz feed.

1. Babe Ruth: King Of Home Runs And Venereal Disease.


2. Tiger Woods: Stopped Winning Majors After Ending His Affair With A Perkins Waitress


3. Wilt Chamberlain: Scored More Than Just Basket-Hoops: He claims to have slept with over 20,000 women, All I can say is Holy Crap.


4. Mickey Mantle: Boozed-Out Man-Skank : Says his favorite memory is catching a beej under the stands.


5. Antonio Cromartie: Can’t Remember All His Childrens’ Names Which Is Actually A Lot More Tragic Than Funny


6. Charles Barkley: Told Officer Arresting Him For DUI That He Was In A Hurry To Get A Blow Job


7. Pheidippides, The Original Marathoner :


Did he die at the end of his 26-mile run from the plains of Marathon to Athens because he was tired, or because he was incredibly wasted? And why wasn’t he wearing pants? It’s no coincidence Greeks basically invented sports AND wine AND pansexual orgies.

-Sean Lite-

Like I said in the beginning Ben Mathis-Lilley over at buzzfeed totally ripped off my list but just cause I’m a nice guy and like to spread the wealth you can find his version here.

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