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Let Andy & Dwight Singing Country Roads Whisk You Into The Weekend

Little Office throwback for the Friday before Halloween. If you’re not dressing up this weekend, you’re doing it wrong. Have a great weekend everybody.


Andy Richter Just Delivered a Sweet Burn to a Twitter Troll

@p8triat is having himself one hell of a day on Twitter, and Andy Richter decided it was time to call him out and retweet a few of his tweets, one old and one recent. Here’s what @p9triat tweeted on May 23, 2012


OK, good for you @p8triat, supporting our troops. Didn’t expect anything less from someone with that user name. Now here’s what he tweeted yesterday.

Ah. Well that doesn’t make sense. In case you’re wondering @p8triat, the definition for burn can be found in the B-U section of the dictionary.

– Ryan

Office Tuesday – The Sun

My Favorite Sketch From Andy Samberg’s SNL: The Return of the Vogelcheck’s

Andy Samberg returned to his roots Saturday night to host the season finale of SNL, and he brought just about every old cast member he ever performed with along for the ride. Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen and everybody’s favorite host, Paul Rudd. The show as a whole was very good, including two weirdly funny digital shorts and a killer Weekend Update. It’s tough to rank any of those sketches over the return of America’s First family of kissing: The Vogelcheck’s. This was one of my favorite recurring sketches with the old cast, and by far the most awkward to watch, which somehow makes it more charming. The whole crew joined Samberg for this sketch, including Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig as Mr. and Mrs. Vogelcheck, and Bill Hader and Paul Rudd as his over affectionate older brothers. Even Kate McKinnon got in on the fun, playing grandma Vogelcheck. SNL used this sketch to address the over publicized Michael Sam kiss on ESPN. Enjoy.

– Ryan

In Honor of Andy Samberg Coming Back to Host the Season Finale of SNL…

I can’t wait for tomorrow night. It should be stupid, weird and most importantly, funny. Wouldn’t mind a digital short or two either.

– Ryan

Hot Diggity Dog: Charlize Theron & Andy Samberg Will Host the Final Two SNL’s This Season

SNL’s official twitter account broke the news today about the final two hosts of season 39. Andrew Garfield hosts next week and now Charlize Theron and my sweet prince Andy Samberg will follow. I don’t remember much from Theron’s first hosting gig in 2000, so she’s got a clean slate with me. Samberg, on the other hand, is one of my all time favorite cast members. Will we see multiple digital shorts? A Nicolas Cage impression? All I know is the sky’s the limit with Andy Samberg and a week with the writers of SNL. The final three episodes should be fantastic.


…And This is Why Seth Meyers is the Man

And the look on Seth Meyers' face when he took the stage:

Genuine delight for his friend and former SNL co-star Andy Samberg, who won his first Emmy last night. Hit the music!

– Ryan

H/T Buzzfeed

Lonely Island With Another Hit!

The guys of Lonely Island are back at it! The creators of such jams as ‘I’m on a Boat’ and “I Just Had Sex’, have a new song and video out. Enjoy!


P.S. ‘The Wack Album‘ out June 11th

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