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Can we Talk About Nick Cage Wearing a Nick Cage T-Shirt and How He is Even More of My Favorite Person Ever Because of it?


It’s no secret that I like Nick Cage: I am regularly ridiculed about my enjoyment of the ‘Ghost Rider’ movies, I am the guy everyone turns to when they need ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds” trivia (It’s not often), and I am a firm believer that ‘National Treasure’ deserved an oscar. Nick Cage wearing a Nick Cage shirt with a blue blazer, a cowboy hat, shades, chaps, and a walking cane all while drinking from a giant goblet is such a Nick Cage move that it hurts. He has style in spades, you have to admit that.


With all the movies that this guy does (14 in the last 2 years) I am in shock that he even has time to get dressed in something other than movie props, never mind attend a GNR concert and damn near tear the building to its foundation with this outfit.

There is Nick Cage, and then there is everyone else.


PS- Go see ‘Joe’. Seriously good movie with Cage and Ty Sheridan.

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