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Pete Davidson and Amy Adams Pull a “Love Actually” in this Cut Skit from SNL

I’ve said it one and i’ll say it 1,000 times more, Pete Davidson is the next big thing on SNL. He is so calm in front of the camera and he is only 20 years old! 20! That’s nuts. Here’s to you, Pete! (I love hot dogs too)


James Franco, Martin Freeman & Amy Adams Will Be Hosting SNL In December

Coming off their best episode of the season, SNL just announced their hosts and musical guests for the month of December. The main thing that jumps out at you concerning Franco, Freeman and Amy Adams is their versatility. The writers and cast members should have a grand old time coming up with sketches and characters for these three hosts. Out of the three, I’m most excited for Martin Freeman, especially after his amazing turn as Lester Nygaard on FX’s Fargo adaptation. I’m expecting a Hobbit sketch during his episode, or maybe even a faux Hobbit trailer now that SNL has proved they can create movie quality fake trailers. Cameron Diaz hosts this Saturday, and then it’s on to December!

– Ryan


“American Hustle” Movie Trailer. December Movie Lineup Looks Decent

Yesterday we got a sneak peak into the new Ben Stiller movie being released on Christmas Day, and today we get the official trailer for American Hustle, the latest film from Director David O. Russell. Russell goes to his bread and butter for this crime drama, calling on Amy Adams, Christian Bale (The Fighter) Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook). Bale and Adams play con artist partners in crime forced to work the FBI (Cooper) to take down other underworld scum. Their main target: Mayor Carmine Polito, played by Jeremy Renner. An all star cast paired up with one of my favorite directors? I can’t wait for December.

– Ryan

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