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Table Talk – Venting About The NBA Dunk Contest, Drakes Friends, and Nick Cannon

-The Average Nobodies

The 2014 NBA Dunk Contest is Starting a Party in My Pants

John Wall

Terrence Ross (My favorite to win)

Damian Lillard

Paul George

Harrison Barnes

Ben McLemore

Nothing is official yet, but this is what the lineup will most likely look like. No Lebron, but I still can’t wait for the all-star break.


Geometry At NASCAR?

Just another normal day at the track.  NASCAR fans drinking, swearing, and slapping each other up side the head.  That’s why I don’t find the following video out of the ordinary……unless you look closer

This is a video from the NASCAR All-Star race earlier this month.  Jimmie Johnson captures the checkered flag, which upsets a lot of people including this guy who throws a beer in JJ’s general direction.  After the beer hits the asphalt the girl to the left of him turns to him and delivers some verbal strikes followed up with a mighty bitch slap. But like I said, nothing out of the ordinary in this type of environment.  The thing that I am shocked about is that she has the awareness to know that HE threw that beer. Go ahead, watch it again, he is standing slightly behind her line of sight and she only reacts when the can hits the pavement! She didn’t even flinch when he threw it! Is she a fucking geometry savant trapped in a white trash body? I picture a CSI moment happening in her head in that exact moment.  She does all the math in her head, runs through evidence, enhances a few pictures, makes a graph, bangs Gil Grissom, and comes to her conclusion. “The speed and angle at which the can struck the road could only come from one place…this dick head behind me!” SLLLLLAAAAAPPPPP.

Get this chick an IQ test, could go either way.


P.S. Flag on the play, the beer isn’t empty! Come on man, you’re better than this.  This isn’t a ballet, this is NASCAR, finish your beer!

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