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Alan Silvestri’s Acoustic Version of the Back to the Future Theme Song is Awesome

This is what I call maximizing your talent. If you have the ability to play the acoustic guitar like Alan and you’re not playing covers of classic movie theme songs then you’re wasting your time. Back to the Future is the best trilogy of all time and it’s not even a debate.

– Ryan

H/T BuzzFeed

Alan Markovitz With the Power Move of the Century

(Source) “A Michigan man has erected a giant bronze  sculture of a hand with its middle finger raised in the direction of his  neighbor – who also happens to be his ex-wife.

Alan Markovitz, 59, a Detroit strip-club  entrepreneur, erected the 12-foot-high, spot-lit sculpture in the backyard of  his lakefront Orchard Lake home.”

Flipped: The sculpture stands on the back porch of Alan Markovitz's home

This is kind of awesome/insane. Nothing says your over your ex wife like moving next door and building a giant bronze statue of a middle finger facing her house. People can hate on Alan Markovitz all they want. I like his style. He’s just a simple strip club owner who never, ever let’s a grudge go.

– Ryan

P.S. I don’t think it’s possible to get any creepier, Alan.

Stripped bare: Markovitz bought the house directly next door to his ex-wife but says he's totally over her

Robin Thicke featuring Jimmy Fallon & The Roots – Blurred Lines

How cool is Robin Thicke? Number one song in the world and still finds the time to cover his own song with classroom instruments. It must be a musician’s dream come true to go on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Not only can you rock out with Jimmy, but his house band is The Roots. Musical talent like you dream about. I didn’t think this song could get catchier. I was wrong.

– Ryan

P.S. Can’t hurt that this is his dad. Male woof.


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