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The Minnesota Vikings Used An Interesting Picture To Celebrate ‘Family Day’ At Training Camp

I understand Adrian Peterson is far and away the Vikings biggest star, and maybe this was a PR ploy to get Peterson back in people’s good graces, but too soon Vikings. The guy just missed almost all of last season because of child abuse allegations. Maybe a picture of him kissing his kid isn’t the greatest idea. Maybe wait at least a year? I’m sure this is going to cause an uproar, and while I’m not going to get bent out of shape about it, this was a pretty dumb thing to do. Do less, Vikings.

– Ryan


Kangaroo Makes Another Kangaroo Tap Out

Skip to 4:30 for the hold

Vicious rear naked choke hold! Get Vince on the line! We got a star on our hands. Love the showboating after. Just straight up cocky kangaroo stance.


PS- as for the Kagaroo who got choked out…

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