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The 2014 Emmy Nominations Are In & All I Have To Say is Give Me Kate McKinnon Or Give Me Death

For the second year in a row, a member of SNL has been nominated for an Emmy award (Bill Hader last year). Kate is definitely up against some strong competition:

Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory
Julie Bowen, Modern Family
Allison Janney, Mom
Kate Mulgrew, Orange Is the New Black
Kate McKinnon, Saturday Night Live
Anna Chlumsky, Veep

But I’m an SNL FTW kind of guy and there isn’t a scenario I can picture that doesn’t have her giving an acceptance speech.

saturday night live weekend update gif

All the other nominees are great at portraying their respective characters, but Kate McKinnon is great at portraying ALL her characters. Give her the win. If for no other reason but because Seth Meyers supports her.

– Ryan

Jennifer Lawrence Named Sexiest Woman in the World – Ya Don’t Say?

In other news, the sky is blue, the grass is green and pills are good. At 23, I can’t see Jennifer Lawrence relinquishing the crown anytime soon. Shine on.





– Ryan

Hey Natasha Blasick, Is Everything OK At Home?

Ghost LoverHollywood actress Natasha Blasick claims to have experienced spectral rape on two occasions.

The Russian-born brunette even hopes her spectral lover returns.

Speaking on UK’s This Morning, she claimed the forced sex first happened when she was home alone and felt an invisible force push her down on her bed and force himself on top of her.

“I felt something entered the room. I couldn’t see anybody. Suddenly I could feel that somebody touching me,” she said

“Their hands were pushing me against my will and then I could feel the weight of their body on top of me but I couldn’t see anybody.

“At first I was very confused then I decided to relax and it was really pleasurable, I really enjoyed it.”

The ghost left – and returned for more a month later

The former model and Mrs World Pageant competitor was interviewed by top Hollywood psychic Patti Negri, who believes in spectrophilia – supernatural sex.

“I’ve got clients worldwide who have had this experience,” Negri said.

Well this story takes the cake. Ghost sex. GHOST SEX. I’m not a fan of calling people crazy but Natasha Blasick is crazy with a capital C. I’m glad we got the Hollywood psychic in this video too. Just rounding up all the nutjobs in one room. My favorite line in this story was “the ghost left – and returned for more a month later.” Well that was nice of the ghost to give Natasha some time to process what just happened. Although judging by the interview she went along with it just fine. If a ghost decided to start having sex with me I can’t say I’d be as relaxed and happy about it. Actually I can say with complete confidence I’d be very upset. I will say this ghost has fantastic taste. Former model, competed in Mrs. World Pageant. This ghost has done this before.

– Ryan


Netflix Must Watch: “Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired”

It’s fascinating to think how huge certain stories would be if covered by the 21st century media. The same media that glorifies criminals and turns murder cases into spectacles would no doubt have a field day with the famed director. I couldn’t tell you if many people in my age bracket (20-25) have ever heard of Roman Polanski, but I can tell you I’ve never had a conversation about him with friends. Although his story is one of the most fascinating and disturbing in American film history, it seems as if his struggle has been put on the back burner in exchange for the constant updates on the Bieber’s and Lohan’s of the world. From the tragic murder of his wife, to the scandal that forced him to flee the United States, Wanted and Desired provides an in depth look at a star’s fall from grace. Do yourself a favor and block off 90 minutes of your time for Marina Zenovich’s documentary. You’ll be glad you did.

– Ryan

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