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Insane Instagram Comments: Abella Anderson Gets An Odd Request


Porn stars are probably the easiest targets on Instagram, since most of the people who follow them are bloodthirsty horn dogs. So even when they post a picture as innocent as a couple takeout containers full of burgers and fries, the comment section is locked and loaded with some depraved comments. The only silver lining here is that porn stars HAVE to hear and see some really disturbing comments, so this is probably a welcome request to Abella Anderson. In the grand scheme of things, getting asked to have someone eat fast food off your ass really isn’t that bad. If you’ve ever scrolled through the comments on PornHub videos or any porn stars Twitter/Instagram you’ll realize that this request is as normal as apple pie, which is probably another thing @gooodlivin would like to eat off of Abella’s ass. Just another day in the life of a porn star.

– Ryan

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