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99 Gamers – Trade Games With Gamers


Hey Average Nobodies fans, today I wanted to take a quick second and highlight a website that I have been using quite frequently. Any gamers outer might already know, but for those of you who don’t, here is a little review/explanation of their services. Basically, 99gamers is a place where you can sell, buy, and trade games 99gamers-1with other gamers. You list games, sell them for their own currency called “coins”, and then you can buy other games with those coins (or add more coins to you account via PayPal). I recently listed a bunch of games that I have either beat or don’t play anymore and I couldn’t believe the return I got for them. For those of you that trade your games into Gamestop, or other places like it, please stop right meow and try out 99gamers. If you are just planning to buy more games this is definitely the route to go. In addition to games, 99gamers also has sections for you to sell and buy: consoles, retro games, books, toys, comics, trading cards and so much more. Got some old games collecting dust on your shelf? Try 99gamers! I can’t recommend it enough!