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JJ Watt And His 61 Inch Vertical Box Jump Are Ready To Murder Opposing Offenses

You know who I wouldn’t want to be starting in September? Any offensive player that has to go against the Texans. JJ Watt is legitimately terrifying, and that was before I saw the video above where he shows off his 61 inch vertical box jump. That’s over 5 feet. Anyone that can jump feet in the air from a standing position should not be allowed to hit other people. That’s beyond freak of nature status; that’s just inhuman. I can honestly I’d have trouble crawling up that high, never mind trying to jump from a standing position. What’s the point of trying to block JJ Watt if you’re an offensive lineman that watches this video? Even if you out muscle him, he now has the ability to JUMP OVER YOU. If Clowney stays healthy, the Texans front line D of Watt, Clowney and Wilfork are going wreak havoc on the NFL this year.

– Ryan

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