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50 Cent Challenging Floyd Mayweather to an ALS/ESL Challenge Is Funny & Sad At the Same Time

50 Cent throwing down the hammer on Floyd Mayweather here. Oh you want me to pour ice water on my head? How about no. And how about you read a page of Harry Potter on top of it. Side note – what’re the chances 50 cent has read Harry Potter? 1 in a trillion? Just doesn’t strike me as a Harry Potter fan. But he’s no dummy. He knows it’s difficult reading with all of J.K. Rowling’s made up words and characters. 750K is kind of a lot of money, maybe not to 50 or Floyd, but I’m sure any charity would love that kind of donation. My only hope in this life is that Floyd answers this challenge by reading Harry Potter in a beautiful robe surrounded by rich mahogany. A man can dream.

– Ryan

Apparently Basketball Games are the Best Place to Make Celebrity Friends




Is it fair that while 50 Cent, Meryl Streep, and Kobe are hanging out at NBA games i’m at home watching HGTV and eating an entire box of instant mashed potatoes? Read the rest of this entry

The Last Movie I’ll Ever See

I just saw the trailer for the last movie ill ever see. It’s called Escape Plan starring 2 of the 3 greatest actors of all time. Stallone and Schwarzenegger the Jordan and Pippen of Hollywood. Sly plays some dude who breaks out of prisons for a living and guess what it’s a setup. He’s trapped in a hell of a prison and has to get out. He calls on good ol Arnold who makes it clear he means business, goatee and all. I’m beyond pumped for this movie. I may go stand in line tomorrow morning so I don’t miss it. Oh yea and 50 cent is in it too, so you know it’s good. Check out the trailer here.


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