Trailer Alert – American Assassin

If you’re asking yourself ‘what would a movie directed by a guy who directs for Homeland and written by a guy who writes for The Americans’ look like then you’ve come to the right place. American Assassin was directed by Michael Cuesta and the screenplay was written by Stephen Schiff, and it really does look like the coolest and most bad ass version of both Homeland and The Americans. Also, I’m now more envious of Dylan O’Brien than anyone else on planet Earth. Imagine being cast in a movie where Michael Keaton is your spy/secret assassin trainer? That sounds like a dream I definitely have every night. Release date is TBD, but there’s nothing TBD about my plans to watch the shit out of this movie.



Trailer Alert – Thank You for Your Service

Movies that explore the effects of PTSD on returning soldiers aren’t a new concept, but in today’s world it’s one of the more important stories to tell. Thank You for Your Service attempts to do just that, with Miles Teller in the lead as a serviceman who returns home and is expected to return to a life of normalcy after literally going through war. The trailer is riveting, and Teller is one of my favorite actors, as is Haley Bennett, who was wonderful in Girl on the Train & The Magnificent Seven. This is also the directorial debut of Jason Hall, who wrote American Sniper, which earned him an Academy award nomination. Thank You for Your Service will premiere on October 27.


Big Cass Had His Barbershop Window Moment Last Night On #RAW

On January 12, 1992 Shawn Michaels pulled off one of the best executed heel turns in pro wrestling history. Michaels and Marty Jannetty, up to that point known as The Rockers, were one of the most athletic and exciting tag teams of the late 80s and early 90s. They wrestled in the NWA, AWA & eventually the WWF, where they would split up and go their separate ways. That split was solidified on air during Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake’s “Barbershop” segment, where Michaels would throw his former friend and partner through the barbershop window:

Most people know how the story went from there: Shawn Michaels went on to have a hall of fame career, while Marty Jannetty became the symbol of the weakest link in any future tag team breakup storyline. That brings us to last night, where Big Cass officially turned on his friend and partner Enzo Amore:

While this segment wasn’t on par with the Michaels/Jannetty turn, it was still well done and unlike most storylines in WWE, it’s been building up for awhile. Enzo Amore has been mysteriously attacked for weeks, but the story has been playing out for much longer than that. All it takes is one look at Enzo & Cass to see who the star of the team is, especially since they’ve debuted on RAW. They were Full Sail darlings in NXT, but once they debuted on RAW, Enzo was portrayed as the weakest link that could only skate by when Cass was there to help him. Week after week Enzo would get pummeled, and Cass would either make the save, or they would lose their match.

I’ve read a few internet comments on the heel turn that thought it wasn’t the best timing, but once you do a little bit of research, their win/loss record is staggering, and not in a good way. Per, Enzo & Cass have won 4 televised matches this year. Four! I know wins and losses aren’t the only measuring stick in pro wrestling, but this isn’t exactly The Shield breaking up in their prime. Enzo is entertaining on the microphone and they have their catchphrases, but I don’t think that’s enough in WWE. Were they fun? Sometimes, but I need more than the same catchphrase and dance moves out of wrestlers I’m going to root for consistently.

As good as Cass’s promo was, the true test for him is going to be what comes next. Shawn Michaels turned that barbershop window segment into a hall of fame career. Can Cass do the same thing? I hope so.


Ep 19 – Netflix and Chill

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Mulholland Drive – Movie Club 7

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#MusicMonday: Redbone – Come And Get Your Love

Mid June signifies a lot of things: baseball has taken over as the primary spectator sport, summer is officially right around the corner and most importantly of all, it’s wedding season. I went to a fantastic wedding on Saturday night, and the live band was awesome. Besides being one of many fantastic songs on the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, ‘Come And Get Your Love’ was the song that the bride and groom picked to have the wedding party enter the reception to, so I figured I’d brighten up your Monday with a little Redbone. Enjoy.


Monday Morning Discussion: Would You Have Your Testicle Removed For $870,000?

A Pennsylvania man has been awarded $870,000 after a doctor removed the wrong testicle during a surgery in 2013, according to Fox 43.

Steven Hanes, 54, of Mount Union, Pa., was operated on to remove a painful right testicle, after experiencing pain for years. Medical imaging showed that the testicle was nearly half the size of the other, the same outlet reports.

However, Hanes discovered that his left testicle — the healthy one — had been removed in the procedure. – NY Daily News

Classic Sophie’s choice (I’ve never seen the movie). Now obviously Mr. Hanes wasn’t given this choice when he went in for, what was it? Painful testicle surgery? He was expecting the bad testicle to be removed, but those wacky doctors took out the good one instead. In this scenario, you either take the money and lose a testicle or you keep the testicle but lose out on the money. You have to take the money, right? Testicles are probably the most useless part of your body unless you’re trying to have a kid, but even then I bet you could get by with one nut. Aesthetically nothing is changing, but you are $870,000 richer. The only thing you have to worry about is the money being real. If somebody is approaching me on the street asking for one of my testicles in exchange for almost a million dollars, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to be skeptical of this person. If the money is real, I’m in.


#SNL Fridays: HR Meeting

Chris Pine’s SNL hosting stint kicked off the unofficial summer of Chris Pine that has continued on with his role in Wonder Woman. He was hands down my favorite host from season 42, and one of the under the radar sketches was HR Meeting. What was supposed to be a routine performance evaluation turns into a musical, sexually tensioned filled meeting. Have a great weekend everybody.


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