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Kanye West Interrupted Kelsey on The Bachelor

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Twitter News Weekly: #FiveWordsToRuinADate – I Don’t Like Randy Savage

On this week’s episode, we explore Twitter dating trends and talk about the long awaited induction of the ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame. Also, Matt eats an entire watermelon!

– The Average Nobodies

Johnny Manziel Makes New Years Resolutions…We Don’t Believe Him

Happy New Year, everyone! We here at The Average Nobodies are very excited for the new year and we hope you are too! Enjoy our last TNW of the year before you head out to do a little (or a lot of) boozin’ to ring in 2015!

Your fearless bloggers, Ryan & Matt

Twitter News Weekly: Jax Teller’s Final Ride Was To The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Have you been dying to know what happened on the series finale of Sons of Anarchy? Have you ever wanted two moderately handsome men to tell about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Well you get none of that and more in this week’s Twitter News Weekly!

– The Average Nobodies

Honey Boo Boo Has Ebola

Ok, maybe she doesn’t have ebola….


Barack Obama Hates Christopher Columbus


Obama visits Rhode Island College and everyone all of a sudden hates Columbus Day; this, plus more, in this weeks Twitter News Weekly!

Ray Rice Gets an Apple Watch

The Pumpkin Spice Latte Shot Suge Knight – Twitter News Weekly


New day, same place 

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