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Twitter News Weekly: #ArianaGrande Licked #JaredFogle From Subway

This week we explore the dark side of celebrities and sandwich spokespeople. Ariana Grande licked a donut, Jared from Subway got really creepy and I’m Ron Burgundy? All this and more on Twitter News Weekly!

– The Average Nobodies

Rick Ross Kidnaped Our Pizza Hut Delivery Driver

Rick Ross is on a roll, and that roll has a hotdog crust.

Will Rick Ross switch to apples? and will we try the new Pizza Hut #HotDogPizza?

-The Average Nobodies

Twitter News Weekly – Donald Trump & Lebron James Are Running For President in 2016

Brand spanking new Twitter News Weekly where we discuss Donald Trump running for President and Lebron James losing in the NBA Finals again. Also, are dinosaurs real?

– The Average Nobodies

Twitter News Weekly – Live From Foxboro #DeflateGate #TomBrady

The Deflate gate scandal has taken a crazy turn, as Tom Brady has been suspended for the first four games of the 2015 regular season. We report live from Foxboro on all the craziness and then get Twitter’s reaction to the news!

– The Average Nobodies

Twitter News Weekly – Did Floyd Mayweather Deflate Tom Brady’s Balls? #DeflateGate #MayPac

We’re sure you’re off to polish your shoes or whatever it is kids do these days on Friday night, but wait! There’s a new Twitter News Weekly here for your viewing pleasure that you and your friends can talk about while smoking tobacco. In this week’s episode, we talk about the sudden death of Mickey Mouse, the resurrection of Walt Disney, Deflate Gate and the ‘Fight of the Century’. Enjoy!

– The Average Nobodies

The Undertaker is Winning My March Madness Pool

We talk WrestleMania, March Madness and wood sanding techniques!

– The Average Nobodies

TNW – The Bachelor is Entering NFL Free Agency

NFL Free Agency

You can’t fool us, Andy. This isn’t a real trade, although I wouldn’t be surprised. The Saints are giving away players like Oprah used to give away cars.

That’s the downside of naps: FOMO. Fear of missing out is real, and you just missed some blockbuster trades. I hope the nap was worth it.

Why are so many people taking naps on a Tuesday afternoon? Is there a secret Nap Club I don’t know about it? If there is, I’m going to be upset.

– Ryan

 The Bachelor

#Broad4lyfe is the only hashtag the Bachelor TV show should use from now on. That’s pure genius. Also, if you don’t call your significant other your “Broad 4 Lyfe” when you propose then I don’t want to know you.

I have to admit, I wasn’t even sure that was a real website until I clicked on it. You’re dad is on to something…nobody tell ABC though…

More like Flipper or Mr. Limpet?

Jon Stewart Kicks LeSean McCoy in the *&^%

Jon Stewarts on RAW, LeSean McCoy is on the Bills, Cats love dogs, and I don’t know whats happening to the world!

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