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YouTube TV is a game changer and the cables companies are F&@*&%

Hear about YouTube TV? No? If not, let Philly D fill you in…

Pretty fucking awesome. For $35 a month, and that’s for SIX users, you get a shit load of TV channels, unlimited cloud DVR and access to YouTube Red content. I can’t even lease a decent sized DVR box from Verizon for $35! Here’s the list of channels you get (Plus the two premium options, Starz and Soccer, at the bottom):


Sure, it doesn’t have EVERYTHING, but as long as I can watch RAW, Always Sunny, and Modern Family, i’m good. This is rumored to launch within the coming months, so get to work on canceling your cable service.


The Nokia Candy Bar is BACK

The company, HMD, recently released something exciting. They have revived the Nokia 3310 in the form of a android-running modern candy bar cell phone. Accorsinf to the presser, The Nokia 3310 will retail at an average global retail price of €49 (about $51.97). Here’s a closer look:

The specs:

  • System: Dual band 900/1800 MHz
  • Software platform: Nokia Series 30+
  • Dimensions: 115.6*51.0*12.8mm
  • Weight: 79.6 g (including battery)
  • Display: 2.4’’ QVGA (240*320)
  • two Micro SIM slots
  • Curved window with polarised layer for better readability in sunlight
  • Connectivity: micro USB, 3.5mm AV connector,
    Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM
  • Camera: 2Mpxl camera with LED flash
  • MicroSD card support up to 32 GB
  • LED torchlight

These numbers are all well and good, but I only ned one piece of information…where and when can I buy one? For too long now have I dreamed of owning a simple phone for the times when I need, and want, to be off the grid. This little guy, developed by HMD, seems like the perfect mix of on and off the grid. Not to mention it brings me back to Christmas 2003 when I received my first cell phone, a Nokia 3310. Santa also brought a case for my phone that year; it was black and glossy with flames on it. Literal FIRE. Pair that with my frosted tips and you can probably imagine why I was a hit* with the ladies back in the day.


*Not a hit at all.

Charge Before You Fly!


TSA’s newest security hurdle? Checking to make sure all of your electronic devices will power up and work as normal. That means no dead phones, tablets, laptops etc. Here’s my question, if a device is dead it is absolutely useless, would a bad guy terrorist need a working device to do anything? Maybe they should be checking for iPads that instead of running IOS7 there is just a big button in the middle of the screen that reads “BOOM”. Maybe that’s the better option.


PS – If portable charging cases and devices don’t push this new regulation hard in there new marketing then they need to hire new marketers.


From Compton to Cupertino, Dr. Dre is Raps First Billionaire



Congrats Dre, you have made it to where no rapper has gone before…BILLIONS. While the deal seems pretty clear – Apple acquires Beats Audio – lets look at what is actually happening. What Apple really bought isn’t the over priced, mediocre, headphones, nope, what Apple actually bought was the Beats name, notoriety, and their streaming service, Beats Music. beats_by_dre_headphones_02_by_rauljoe-d33x86bWith music sales down Apple knows the the future of music isn’t in paid downloads, but rather in music streaming services such as Spotify, Groove Shark, and Pandora. Apple seems to be poised for a big couple of months with their acquisition of Beats Audio leading the charge. Will we see a “Beats” tag on the new iPhone? Tune in next week for Apple’s yearly even to find out!


Kids React to Technology: Walkman

Pretty shocking considering cassette tapes were a huge part of my childhood. These kids will never learn the value of a good mix tape…and actual mix tape. The kind of mix tape you make by waiting for songs on the radio! That’s the original download.


PS- The “Good point” kid is hilarious.

PSS- Check out other FineBros videos here

Time to Power Up Your Wii U: Nintendo adds Game Boy Advance titles to it Virtual Console

As promised, today Nintendo is finally bringing classic Game Boy Advance game downloads to the Wii U’ s virtual console. And the company is kicking off the service with a bang, releasing a trio of excellent games with Metroid Fusion, Advance Wars, and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The games will run you $7.99 each, and you can play them either on your TV or on the console’s tablet-like Gamepad controller. New GBA games will be added to the service every week in April, with classics like WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames! and Golden Sun slated to launch in the coming weeks. It might not be quite the shot in the arm the Wii U needs, but these classics should at least hold you over until Mario Kart 8 launches next month. – The Verge

Good move by Nintendo. Should have been done months ago, but good move. Can’t wait for Mario Kart 8, so until then Metroid Fusion will hold me over.


Leaked Footage of HTC’s Next Flagship Phone (Codename M8)

Very similar design to the HTC 1, because when something isn’t broke don’t fix it. It keeps all the things that were awesome about the 1 including: aluminum unibody, dual front facing speakers, beats audio, and a large, crystal clear display. It adds a packed interior with dual cameras on the back, and a new multitasking interface. I’m already more impressed with this than the GS5. Nobody needs a heat monitor built in the phone. Also, has Samsung discovered aluminum yet?


(Video was taken from the verge)

Tech Tuesday – Super Mario Meets Link Meets Star Fox Meets…

Whoever made this….thank you. It captures the sights and sounds of my childhood.



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