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Video Game Trailer Alert – Titanfall 2

Why do video games make the best damn promo videos? Like, I want this to be a movie starring Tom Hardy, yesterday. The music, the visuals, the feels. All great.

I’ve had this bad boy pre-ordered since July. Can’t wait for a single player Titanfall experience.



The Future of Nintendo is here – Nintendo Switch


WOW. WOW. WOW. Nintendo straight up redefining the home console game with this one. A home console, that can be taken with you on the go, that takes cartridges AND that boasts a convertible controller for a multitude of applications. Nintendo is usually the king of cool gimmicks, but the Switch seems completely practical. No forcing you use motion controls. No forcing you to only use a giant touch screen controller. It looks like they took the last ten years of Nintendo tech and refined it into this cool little package.

The most fascinating part of the trailer shows e-sports players practicing Splatoon in a stadium hallway, before taking their consoles to the show floor for a competitive event. The implications of a portable console catering to e-sports are huge, and show a forward-thinking application for the hardware. (Via The Verge)

More details to come.

What do you think?



A Week with No Man’s Sky


4:30 p.m., last Tuesday. Giddy, I sprinted home from work to find my copy of No Man’s Sky (NMS) laying at my back door in a shipping box. I take it inside and tear the Amazon Prime Box to shreds. To my surprise, and terror, the disc seems to be loose inside the case (I HATE when that happens). I rip off the plastic to find my copy of NMS unharmed. I breathe a sigh of relief and pop it into my Ps4 (PC Master Race, leave me be! Can’t I live?!). It’s now 4:45 p.m. and NMS is installing updates on my Playstation. Time ticks by like a slow dribble of sap down a pine tree’s bark (look at me getting mother-fucking poetical on your ass). Then, a flash of light. Eureka! The download is finished and I boot up the game; it’s 4:56 p.m….Then, in the blink of an eye it’s midnight and I have no idea where the time went. That’s what NMS is.

I’ve been playing these “black out” NMS sessions for about a week now and here are my first reactions.

NMS takes the training wheels off the traditional “tutorial”

Was I confused as fuck for like the first 45 mins of playing? You’re damn right I was, but i’d rather be confused than coddled. Games that hold your hand during their tutorial periods are the bane of my existence. There’s nothing worse than being force-fed ways to play the game, especially for a game like this! If you are taught a certain way to play an open-world game, like NMS, then it forever impacts the way you play the game. With literally limitless possibilities, it would suck to be led down one path, whe1n you could have found a more enjoyable way of playing on your own. NMS’s tutorial gives you the basics and you figure out the rest for yourself.

You start the game on a randomized planet in a randomized part of the NMS universe. Your ship is damaged and unable to take off. In order to get off your planet you’ll need to mine for resources and craft parts that will fix your ship and other pieces of tech you carry. A pretty useful and well-fitting tutorial, wouldn’t you say? I would.

Species of flora and animals are noticeably similar

Do I notice, even after a short time of playing, that some animals and plants are just re-skinned with different names? Sure I do. Does it take away from my experience? No it does not. If you really thought you were going to see brand new species on every planet in a 18 quintillion-planet universe, you’re mad. With limitless combinations of terrain, climates, planet sizes, plants, and animals it doesn’t matter.

Open inventory spots are like gold

NMS is one of those games that makes you collect all these items with no space to store them…at first. Over time you can upgrade how much your ship and exosuit can carry, but early on, managing your inventory is a puzzle game all its own. It’s a challenge I welcome rather than resent.

3Name all your planets, because reasons

Do you get extra coin? Nope, Does it change the planet at all? Nope. Will it be seen by someone other than yourself? Maybe, but probably not and you wouldn’t know about it anyway. Is it awesome to name your own planet? HELL YES IT IS. Name the planets, flora, animals and solar systems you discover. Name them after your pets, family members, favorite movies, your goldfish, whatever! Just do it! You’ll go back in your log sometime in the near future and have yourself a little giggle.

Final thoughts

It’s my first week, I still have TONS to learn and discover, but I can tell you this: Play this game and make it your own. The story is lacking, because that’s the way the game was made, so make your own story. Throw on some jams, get in your starship and explore the galaxy! Make a narrative all your own. Me, personally, i’m a a space pirate in search of wealth beyond measure in the form of comic books and vintage toys………..and in No Man’s Sky I’m a weird alien in search of a girl aliens and beer.

-Matt aka The Space Ghost

First Look at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo at E3

With all the new hardware being thrown around at E3 this year, it’s easy to say Nintendo’s presentation was a little dissapointing.

Nintendo, you pulled the NX rug right out from underneath us, deprived us of a new handheld console and then you do something like giving us gameplay footage and a trailer for the brand new Zelda game….


To be fair, they also gave us a handful of new Pokemon that will be on Sun and Moon, but ZELDA MAN, ZELDA!

First Impressions


When I first saw the trailer (embedded above), I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Wind Waker-esque cell shaded graphics were being brought back into the fold. Not that this game is a reproduction of The Wind Waker, far from it, but it’s cool to see this hybrid of visuals that make up Breath of the Wild.


People are calling this an “open-world” Zelda game, which is confusing to me. I recall my days streaking across Hyrule field with Epona, wasn’t this open-world? Sailing across the open seas in my tiny wooden boat, wasn’t this open-world? Hell, side scrolling through landscapes and throwing my sword around, wasn’t this open-world? The landscapes in Breath of the Wild are vast. They seem to be truly grande than any installment previous, but everyone being caught on this “open-world” tagline needs to chill. More RPG-like? Yeah sure. Am I missing something on this?

The Jump Button

I Don’t like it. There, I said it.


Style is than visuals in that I am solely talking about Link’s clothes when I talk about “Style”. My verdict…I like it. Kind of tribe-chic.

Bottom Line

This is a Zelda game, people. No matter what tiny little things we can nitpick about it, even a JUMP button, it’s still the next installment in one of the greatest video game franchises ever. I’m going to buy it, you’re going to buy it, what a time to be alive!


Let’s Talk about the Nintendo Wii U


If you haven’t been privy to the latest news coming from Nintendo, here’s the summary: Nintendo is set to release a new console, codename NX, in March of 2017. Besides it’s codename, and the disclosure of a new Zelda game to accompany it, we know very little else about the new Nintendo hardware. I’m excited because I love Nintendo. I’ve played the majority of their first-party titles (which are second to none) and i’ve owned pretty much every piece of hardware they’ve release since the SNES. And yes, that includes their current generation home console the Wii U. Which brings me to the point of this article. Let’s talk about the Wii U.

In my eyes the Wii U was a home run. Maybe it does’t show it on Nintendo’s bottom line, but in my experience with it, and it’s games, it’s a great console. The Wii U gamepad is unlike anything to come to home console’s and it’s functionality was just as unique. Being able to play Mario Kart 8 while my brother watched a movie on the TV? Awesome. Changing the channel, adjusting volume and surfing the web with the gamepad? Futuristic shit right there. I feel I’m sitting at the helm of the Enterprise every time I use that piece of tech.

14114218317_3ed24c6ae2Nintendo gets who’s playing their games. Again, this might not show with all the internet heroes trashing it left and right, but ask anyone who has put significant time into the Wii U’s library. They will tell you how great the experience is. Case and point, the launch of Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U. Everyone knows that Super Smash is one of Nintendo’s strongest recurring title. It has been for some time. Nintendo knew that they out some hardcore fans during the Wii version, so what did they do? They did exactly what the fans were asking for; They released a game that uses Gamecube controllers! Getting an updated game with traditional controls is just what Super Smash needed.

With additional titles like Mario Make and the two Zelda HD remakes, The Wii U has really put out quality games. Could the third-party support be better? Yeah, but that’s not why I buy a Nintendo system.

The bottom line here is that more people need to find games that they enjoy, rather than comparing numbers and online reviews. My Wii U will have purpose in my TV entertainment center far past the NX’s debut.


Trailer Alert – Fallout 4 Gets a the Live Action Treatment

Video game developers really know how to kick you in the feels with a commercial for their newest game. For example: Last week I saw an ad for Halo 5, I game I had no intention on buying, and later that night i preordered it on Amazon. That’s some powerful advertising. Iv’e already had Fallout 4 preordered for months, so no impulse buy here, but what this ad did do for me is get me prepped for the game iv’e been waiting for, for years. It’s amazing what a well placed song will do.


These Are The Games You’ve Been Waiting For


It’s that wonderful time of year. Football is back on my TV, the leaves are falling, pumpkin spiced donuts are falling…into my mouth, the holidays are coming and so are all the new video games! While there are a shot-ton (scientific measurement) of games for your grubby little paws to choose from, here are 3 of the titles I am most looking forward too. They will cover PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo 3DS.

Fallout 4

When I first discovered the Fallout series in college, while playing Fallout 3 on my PS3, I was immediately hooked. I was never a huge fan of RPGs and leaned more towards large roaming adventure games. This game completely changed my mind. Since that fateful day back in 2008 I have sunk more hours into that game than almost any other game i’ve ever played (nothing will come close to the hours I played Golden Eye with my brother). Fallout 4 seems like the game that I and ever other Fallout fan has been waiting for. Oh, and did I mention you can get a physical Pip-Boy in the limited edition version? Yeah, mines been pre-ordered for months.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

The guys and girls over at Nintendo really know how to reinvent a series. After debuting one the the best Zelda games in the franchise, A Link Between Worlds, in 2013 they took aim at another hand-held installment that is ready to wow 3DS owners. Tri Force Heroes takes Link and multiplies him by 3 for a co-op experience unlike anything you’ve ever played on a hand-held game. This will have to hold me over until the next console Zelda game. Which, fingers crossed, will be sometime in 2016.

Star Wars Battlefront

The most anticipated movie of the year gets a video game to match. Picture George Lucas and Battlefield 4 having a sweet, passionate love and then out pops their spawn. Got that horrifying image in your head? Good, because that’s what it’s going to be like. This game is going to be awesome, you know how I know? BECAUSE IT CAN’T BE ANYTHING LESS.

What games are you looking forward to?

Dude Beats Unfathomably Hard Level of Super Mario Maker and Cries Tears of Joy

I have been spending a lot of time, probably to much time, watching YouTubers play custom made Mario levels on Super Mario Maker and this has got to be the most insane level I have seen yet. If I was playing this level i’m cooked in the first 5 seconds. I would not even know where to begin. Some people are destined to play super hard mario levels and some people are destined to watch them. I’m ok with that.


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