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Average Friday Post

Let the Average Nobodies start your weekend on the right foot with a very special Friday Post. From GIFs and videos to music and movies. Our Average Friday posts are sure to get your weekend kickstarted.

Paul Rudd Playing Mac & Me Clips On Conan Taking You Into The Weekend

Paul Rudd on Conan

Paul Rudd is a national treasure. He’s been going on Conan’s late night talk show forever, and he’s one of the funniest guests (not as great as Dirk Nowitzki, but no one is). His best appearances are when he has a movie to promote. Instead of showing a clip from the movie, Rudd always sneaks in the same clip from the movie Mac & Me. Some beautiful soul on YouTube mashed all of Rudd’s appearances together and it’s a legitimate YouTube gem. Have a great weekend everybody.


David Bowie & Mick Jagger’s Glorious Sexual Tension Taking You Into The Weekend


Weekend Video – Dancing in the Streets

This weekend we’re all about facts. Fact: David Bowie & Mick Jagger are two of the greatest musical minds of all time. Fact: Dancing in the Street is a catchy ass song & the sexual tension in this music video is off the goddamn charts. While the original music video is great, the sexual tension really gets ramped up when you take away the music. Enjoy this glorious video and more importantly, have a great weekend everybody.


Let Steve Spiros, Easy Going Guy Carry You Into The Weekend

Steve Spiros, Easy Going

“What’s your name?”. That’s the only thing this poor reporter said before Steve Spiros, quite possibly the craziest man in the world, went on a rant for the ages. Waterloo. Vampires. Humberside. Sleep Walkers. New York, Manhattan. This interview has all of it.

If you come away with one thing from this interview, let it be this: you can’t kill someone with NO BODY.


Freestyle Canoeing, the least control with the most control

Freestyle Canoeing with Marc Ornstein


American Freestyle Canoeing, as defined by Battenkiller’s YouTube, is…

“American Freestyle canoeing is the art of paddling a canoe on flat water with perfect control of its movements. The canoe is usually leaned over to the side to help the boat turn sharply and efficiently and paddle strokes are taken on either side of the canoe depending on the individual move. Balance, paddle placement and turn initiation are a few keys to this control. Since the movements seem dance-like, some practice this art timed to music, which is the ultimate in control.”

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

The last line in the definition above, “which is the ultimate in control,” troubles me a little bit. Does this guy look like he’s in control? In the canoe, yeah, sure, he’s in control, but Marc is definitely the kind of person who paddles around a lake to Lady in Red (great song) because he has exactly zero control in his regular life. His wife is constantly breathing down his neck, his boss is slapping TPS reports on his desk left and right and his daughter is constantly in a state of shame from having to explain to her friends why daddy is gently caressing a wooden canoe to the sweet sounds of Chris De Burgh. He’s in the least bit of control…except when he’s on the open water. Just him, his canoe and his music. What a world.

I want everyone to find their “freestyle artistic canoeing” this weekend.


Your Friday GIFs – Movie Edition

tumblr_lcf8eyTNNt1qddjb4o1_500 anglesinthegif ghostbusters-get-her-o bill_murray_gif_2 picgifs-terminator-606962 tumblr_m90kkbHkLt1rvk0h5o1_500 tumblr_msf8ruPUkO1su905lo1_500 christmas-holiday-movie-gifs-7

Your Friday GIFs – Fail Edition



epic-fail-gifs-fan-tastic-fail fail-gif-shopping-cart sports-fails-gifs-touchdown logicfail1 toddler-football-kick-fail-kids-sports-gifs

Your Friday Gifs – Dancing Edition






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