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Steely_Phil’s Music Post – Blue Magic

Well I knew it.  Donald Trump is president.  I said it in my inaugural post that there was something about him.  Now look what happened………I mean I didn’t vote, but you guys fucked up big time.  But to be honest I could care less about politics.  His presidency may or may not be a successful one, but at the very least we get four years of comedy gold. And who knows maybe he gets impeached, that oughta be pretty funny too.  So give the golden raisin a chance, maybe he’ll surprise you.  But in case this whole thing turns into a circus, I got just the song to start it off. Check out that choreography.

– Steely_Phil





Steely Phil’s Music Post

Welcome to jam town, population: Los Lonely Boys, you, and a slippery groove.

“Its The Return Of The, Oh Wait, No Way, You’re Kidding. He Didn’t Just Say What I Think He Did, Did He?” Steely Phil’s Music Post

I was watching the Tv the other day and I saw a Charlie Sheen on it, and  I thought to myself; how can this guy bang as many chicks as he did, and do as much coke as he did, and still be successful?I pondered this question for many minutes, hours even, and I came to this conclusion.  You don’t have to play an instrument to be a rock star, or in this case; a Charlie Sheen.  He has taught me that all you really have to do is be a train-wreck your whole life and you will get fame, fortune, drugs, women, and if your lucky; depression.  So in honor of the Charles Sheen, my song selection this week is a song you might kick off a weekend-long coke bender to.

P.S. Eddy Vedder once called me on stage at a concert to play guitar and invited me to play their set with them the next day.

P.S. That was a lie, I can’t play any instruments, my motor skills are terrible.  Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Steely Phil’s Music Post – I Hold The Handle

What can I say about this track besides this; I currently boast around 7k songs in my iTunes library and this song is without a doubt my favorite.  Needless to say, Barrington Levy is one of the greatest dancehall artists of all time and this riddim comes on as smooth as silk.  I could put this song on repeat and listen to it for hours on end, and as a matter of fact I have. Barrington can ride a riddim top to bottom and after its over you’re gonna wanna take the ride again.  I highly suggest roasting a bone to this one.  But if you don’t smoke, don’t fret, this song has never committed a felony because as far as I know its never killed a vibe.

SteelyPhil’s Music Post – Where did all the good music go?

The music scene these days is getting worse and worse.  In fact, I believe good music has been on a downtrend since the 90s.  So, where did all the good music go? Is it under your couch? Did it fall between the seats of your car? I think not.

Let me take this time to introduce one of my favorite active labels right now; Daptone Records.  This is a revival label that is seriously doing things right.  Their collection of artists, headed by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, deliver the kind of funk and soul that your favorite 90s R&B/HipHop artist might have sampled.  Daptone, which is based and was started in Brooklyn New York, released their first effort in 2002; Dap Dippin’ with Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. However, this stuff sounds anything like what you would expect.  Recorded on analog tapes and mixed at their studio in Brooklyn, these records sound like they just jumped off the shelves of a record store right onto a turntable.  Its gritty, funky, soulful, and very dance-able.

So there you are, if you were ever listening to the radio and thinking “Where did all the good music go?”, now you know, its based in Brooklyn New York under a label called Daptone Records.

P.S – They sell all of their stuff  on LPs and 45s at a very reasonable price.  So if your a vinyl collector like myself, you can find these on their website.

Steely_Phil’s Inaugural Music Post

The name is Steely_Phil and from now on i’m going to be posting whatever I want whenever I want, but theres a bonus, each post comes with a song.  If you don’t like what i have to say, shove it.  If you don’t like the song, cram it.

In my first post id like to comment on presidential candidate Donald Trumps hair.  Its silken, blonde, and looks like a cotton candy cloud slowly cascading over a freshly polished gymnasium floor.  But as much as I hate the guy, you have to give him credit for having the courage to say what nobody else will.  In a world where the term “politically correct” is so embedded into our collective memory that almost every breath or word offends at least one sect of our population, Donald continues to be the outlier, he continues to be the only politically incorrect man in politics and you gotta love it.

So in honor of my new found respect for Donald Trump, here is the other most politically incorrect man walking on this good green earth; Eminem.

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