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Exploding Disney Princesses

It’s clear to me someone got very high one night and thought this would be hilarious and they could’nt have been more correct.

This is one of those things I hope catches on and moves to other movies and T.V. shows. Here’s to hoping this is a new meme.

-Sean Lite-

The Offline Glass is Almost Perfect

Bravo! You’ve done it! You’ve solved what the elderly believes is the worst part of the new generation, ignoring the world around you while you lose yourself in a smart phone. Ingenious. In fact this has to be Apple that came up with this right? I can hear the conversation…

How do we sell more iPhones? We should make people break them more often, but with liquid so we don’t have to refund it under a warranty, but how…? Ah ha! Lets creates beer glasses that can’t stand on their own! Unless you place said glass on top of the phone! We’ll get a bunch of incoherent drunks spilling beer all over their phone coasters! *high fives all around*

Absolutely flawless plan,

except the human race is infamous for it’s ability to adapt; like this guy who has just realized he has two hands.imagesCAR4JMVH

Cursed bi-lateral, multifunctional, opposable thumbed beings.

-Sean Lite-

P.S. I can be just as bad as any of those people in the video. Ah well.

Singularity: Friend or Foe?

I read this article about scientists theorizing humans will achieve singularity by the year 2045. Singularity occurs when technology surpasses the capabilities of the human brain,creating a superintelligence. Imagine being able to download the human brain to a computer? Digital
Immortality, would the download be able to learn? What’s the need for a body at that point? Incredible and a bit disconcerting at the same time.

Imagine machines being able to take over bodily functions? BCI’s are already being implemented. The first brain computer interface is an implant that electronically stimulate the cochlear nerve allowing sound to be heard for the first time by people born without hearing.

By the year 2045, I’ll be 57, I totally expect aging to be a thing of the past. Little microchips implanted to resume the duties of failing areas of the nervous system.

The other side of superintelligence is of course SkyNet….


-Sean Lite-

No I Don’t Have the Urge to Drink Out of a Toilet, Thanks.

Newest candy in from Japan, sipping out of a toilet? Puke.

HuffPo- Got the urge to drink out of the toilet? Thank goodness for Moko Moko Mokoletto, a bizarre Japanese candy creation. Watch as weird confectionary aficionado RRcherrypie demonstrates how to assemble the mini commode, sprinkle in the mystery powder, add water to the back of the tiny tank and see foam rise in the bowl like fast-action toilet cleaner. Mmm, looks delicious. Now slurp it up with the straw making serious toilet noises, because that’s not at all strange. Talk about having a potty mouth.

This is the worst idea since a Stan Lee Fragrance, it bette rnot make it to the states.

-Sean Lite-


Heading to Virginia Beach!

Lata bitches!


Thought I’d Go to the Crime Page of the Huff-Po, Don’t Know What I Was Expecting

Figured I don’t check out the crime section very much, thought I’d venture into uncharted waters. Welp, I dont know why I’m surprised, Rhode Island has done it again. If Rhode Island (the average nobodies’ home state) isn’t known for corruption by now, it soon will be. A vocational school for developmentally disabled kids has been busted for running a jewelry sweat shop. Are you kidding me? Does it get any lower? That’s gotta be down there with elephant poachers and people to club baby seals right?

I’m not familiar with the school but at this point I feel you pretty much have to shut it down. I mean there’s no recovering from that, lost all trust the with community. Best thing you can do is close up shop and use the grounds for a new olympic curling facility. (can’t wait)

-Sean Lite-

Is This The Jam of The Summer?

The answer is YES!

And here’s the NSFW,BDWCOLWYGHAAA (Not suitable for work, but definitely worth checking out later when you get home and are alone) Version.

You’re very welcome,

-Sean Lite-

Credit goes out to my beautiful girlfriend Molly C.

I Almost Respect This Guy

Yahoo- For Judge Joe Brown, he pretended to be a drunk gypsy clown who trashed a bathroom at a kid’s birthday party. On The Trisha Goddard Show, he played Eddie the Trucker, a discount lothario who ran up $70,000 in debts by bedding hookers and playing the lottery. For Unfaithful, a show produced by Oprah Winfrey‘s OWN, he was an international security expert who was cheating on his girlfriend — who was also cheating on him. And on The Sit-Down, a show in which ex-mafioso Michael Franzese mediates disputes over dinner, he played a mope whose best friend had seduced his girlfriend and crashed his car.

In just a few months, Tarr had become one of the most prolific television hoaxers in U.S. history, merrily running an insurgent’s war against an industry seemingly immune to shame. He was fueled by a hodgepodge of intellectual challenge, a dissident’s sense of humor and, yes, a quest for some measure of fame.

Ken Tarr, huh? Well, I almost respect you. Love the enthusiasm, love the idea, don’t love the commitment level. Hoaxed 8 shows in 5 different cities in 5 months and then stop? Where’s the momentum? Where’s the dedication? You could’ve been a star, you could;ve been something! Everyone knows the fame is in American Idol and Survivor. You should’ve pretended to be a ten year old girl belting out House of the Rising Sun, or even a gay man from Rhode Island who wins the first ever Survivor! I don’t know why you stopped, but it would’ve been epic if you compiled all of these hoaxes into one film and released it’s wrath upon modern day reality T.V. burying it once and for all for the good of mankind and all that is humane…instead you stop short for your fifteen minutes of fame and then proceeded to admit it was for fame. Rook move. You were killing it, master of his craft, top of the reality T.V. hoax world and then you left the game too soon. Shame

-Sean Lite-

P.S. I’m no super model but why are you flashing your belly chub in my face. It looks like your expecting something of me and, sorry, I’m just not willing to do it.

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