If You’re Upset About The New Gillette Commercial, You’re Part Of The Problem

Gillette released a new commercial yesterday playing off their popular slogan “The Best a Man Can Get”. The commercial, titled “The Best Men Can Be”, talked about men’s roles in today’s culture, specifically the Me Too Movement, cyber/real life bullying and how we raise our children.

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If you haven’t watched it yet, take two minutes out of your day and watch it. It’s very good, and very poignant. Because social media can be a cesspool sometimes, there are men online VERY upset with Gillette. It’s not surprising, because some people are garbage, but chances are if you’re upset that a razor commercial is telling you not to sexually harass women and to raise your young boys to treat others with dignity and respect, you’re the target audience here. Imagine getting upset because you’re being asked to treat everyone: men, women, children, with respect?

If you’re wondering about the intelligence level of the people upset with this commercial, here’s a sample:

via Twitter

Nothing says anarchy like a $1,000 plumbing bill.


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  1. I knew there would be blow-back on twitter, but when I dove into the replies on Gillette’s post I was shocked. Nobody should ever be mad at a commercial that preaches of message of being a good person. Also, anyone offended by this should take a good hard look in the mirror. Its insane that some people can watch this and their takeaway be “YEAH I AM A GOOD PERSON, FUCK YOU GILETTE!”. Insanity.

  2. People do not want to have a toiletry company preach to them. They want to be told why the product is worth buying. I personally haven’t bought a Gillette razor since I was a teenager and this advert won’t change that.
    The gives the air of all male interaction with women is harassment. Add to that the apparent racial breakdown of bad men and good men in the advert, it seems that these things are pissing people off.

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