‘Commercial Shoot’ Is Will Ferrell & Kate McKinnon At Their Comedic Best #SNL

Will Ferrell returned to host SNL for the fourth time on Saturday. Simply put, he showed why he’s one of the greatest sketch comedians of all time. He was in literally every sketch (and Weekend Update) and gave SNL it’s highest ratings of the season. Fighter Pilots, Dinner Discussion & Reality Stars were all great. As was Next: For Men, which should absolutely be a real product. Commercial Shoot starring Ferrell and Kate McKinnon was my personal favorite, though.

Will Ferrell & Kate McKinnon – Commercial Shoot

This sketch is based onĀ outtakes from an actual commercial from 2012 for a restaurant in Maine. The sketch starts funny and somehow keeps upping the funny until I was genuinely almost in tears. Ferrell’s mumbling delivery is perfect, as is the deer in the headlights stare from McKinnon. Ferrell’s character comes close at first but things shortly go off the rails. Nobody beats The Wiz was my personal favorite mess up. I love a lot of what SNL does, but my parent’s generation are used to a completely different kind of comedy. I knew this sketch was a hit when I went over to their house this week and they asked me if I saw this sketch. Will Ferrell – bridging generational comedy gaps.


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