The Doctah Presents: Illuminati Email Scams

One of the more notorious scams in this world are Illuminati ​email ​scams. These emails pretend to be members of the famous secret organization, the Illuminati, trying to recruit new members. These are fake scams attempting to swindle money from unassuming people.

One man, YouTube user poqreslux (Pok-res-lucks), received such an email and created a video exposing the “Illuminati”, making fun of their poor grammar, silly names like Jeremy Michel and Agent Smith, and their terrible solicitation tactics and contact methods.

In the video the producer, Mitch DeAngelis, takes shots at many famous alleged “Illuminati members” such Jay Z, Chris Brown, and Kanye West. Also not safe is Mortal Kombat creator, Ed Boon, washed up comedian Pauly Shore, and Jesus Christ himself.

This video is the top google video search for “Illuminati email scams” and is quickly gaining exposure like the pedophilia in Hollywood, and he took no shots at Corey Feldman.

Mitch DeAngelis has been self-producing a wide variety of short videos, and has inspirations of one day directing large budget movies in addition to role of “Grandmaster of the Illuminati”.

For more information on the Illuminati and the New World Order (not the Hollywood Hogan version) check out The Sun & Daily Mail.

~ The Doctah

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