Shane McMahon Has Inherited His Father’s Immortality Gene & Survived A Helicopter Crash This Morning

Shane McMahon was involved in a helicopter crash this morning in Long Island. The small helicopter, transporting McMahon and one other person was forced to make a water landing in the waters off Gilgo Beach earlier today. Shane and the other person on board were picked up by the Coast Guard and ferried to safety.

Both people were wearing their life jackets and no one was hurt. Shane was the passenger on the flight. – Top Rope Press

The McMahon family rarely does anything by the book, and while it was always assumed that Vince McMahon had some secret pact with the devil to be immortal, it looks like Shane is carrying on that family legacy as well. We’re glad Shane’s ok, but I┬ácan’t imagine a crash landing into the water is any more painful than jumping off Hell in a Cell through a table.

When he says the man upstairs, he means Shawn Michaels’ tag team partner, right?


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