This Just In: Airlines Are Still Awful

Two women travelling on an American Airlines flight have claimed members of staff were “racist” towards one of them.

Rane Baldwin, who is African American, was flying with friend Janet Novack, who is white, from Kentucky to Charlotte when the incident occurred on 2 May.

Baldwin – an AAdvantage Platinum Select/World Elite cardholder – had purchased the two tickets and decided to upgrade them both to first class. However, when they were issued their boarding passes, she was instructed to go to the back of the plane despite her frequent flyer status, while Novack, who holds no status with the airline, was directed to first class. Baldwin was told her seat had been reassigned because there weren’t enough first class seats available. – Yahoo

Just when you think you’re going to go a week without hearing an awful airlines story, American Airlines comes crashing through the front door and spits in your eye. Now, I know a bunch of white guys aren’t experts on race relations but we ARE experts on pretty much everything else. Plainly put: this is poo poo customer service.

Want to know something cool though?  A study was released with a simulation of a comet that would hit the earth, and how the people would react:  People were simulated that they would be peaceful and “love thy brother.”

So everyone wants to be an asshole now, but when the end of the world comes, I bet you racism ends [editor’s note: it will not end].

But today is not that day, so American Airlines needed some more press, and they got it – taking no prisoners:  wealthy, black – it doesn’t matter.  American Airlines wanted to set the standard for dumb decisions and they succeeded.

The answer? Don’t fly anymore.  Walk.  Bring a Gun.  Bring a Tazer.  TSA Everywhere.  Is TSA the next martial law?  The world may find out soon.

Stay Classy my Nobodies, and love your fuckin brother or sister, and not in an incestuous way.

~ Ryan & The Doctah

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