Gregg Popovich & Restaurant Servers Continue To Be A Match Made In Heaven

Gregg Popovich Tip

Photo: @Rubethedude

Papa Greggy P, or Mr. Popovich to you, decided that today would be the day to buy a young man a nice pony.  Mr. Popovich, not being the pony-buying type of man, decided that with his mysteriousness, he’d leave a little bit of love to a helpful waiter in an expensive restaurant, McEwens Memphis. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t just a “little bit of love”. Popovich tasted some fine wine, got a little tipsy, thought his waiter was the man, and left him a whopping $5,000 tip for a pony. Well maybe it wasn’t for a pony – but the dream was there. Anyways, Popovich, known to be a man of few words, and a force to be reckoned with in the NBA, made one of the classiest of moves. Who would of thought he was such a empathetic bro?  Or maybe he’s not; maybe he’s just the HIGHEST PAID COACH in the NBA at 55 million denaros. Actually dollars, not denaros.

This was a classy move, Pop. Classy.

H/T Yahoo & @Rubethedude

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