My Favorite Sketch From Louis C.K.’s #SNL: Sectionals

I try to catch SNL live every Saturday night, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I didn’t watch the entire Louis C.K. episode until almost a week later, but it was absolutely worth the wait. It was weirder than usual, and I have a feeling the writers did this because they knew Jimmy Fallon was coming in the following week and they’d have to save some reoccurring sketches for him (that turned out to be true, as they used Celebrity Jeopardy & brought back Rachel Dratch for Sully & Denise).

Back to Louis C.K. – he was wonderful all night, and this was my favorite episode that he’s hosted to date. While sketches like Soda Shop, Birthday Clown & Tenement Museum were all hysterical, Sectionals was my pick for sketch of the night. The first half of the sketch is funny because it’s Louis C.K. in an awful curly haired wig raving about sectional coaches, but once they get to the punch line towards the end it becomes spectacular. If there’s not an immediate GIF of Aidy Bryant saying ‘BIGGER’ while stretching out on an enormous sectional then I will have lost all faith in the internet.


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