Glenn Jacobs (Bah Gawd It’s Kane) Is Officially Running For Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Glenn Jacobs (Kane in the WWE) possibly running for Mayor of Knox County, TN. Well, he’s no longer ‘possibly’ running for Mayor, he’s full on ‘light people on fire & bury them alive’ running for Mayor. We live in crazy times, so if a former WWE World Champion who once forced a woman to marry him, buried his brother alive and lit that same brother’s casket on fire while said brother was in the casket wants to run for Mayor of a small town in Tennessee, I say we let him. The Undertaker recently retired as well, so maybe they can put their differences aside and preside over Knox County, TN like I always imagined the Brothers of Destruction would.

P.S. Kane’s logo being a flame and his slogan being “Lighting the way for our future” is A+ stuff.


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