THE GOLFNOW APP: Save on Tee Times This Spring and Summer.


Last year I started to use the GolfNow App and boy did I hit the jackpot. Golf can be an expensive sport and prices for 18 holes and Cart range between $50-$70 dollars these days. So to save a little cash, i did some research and found this App that has turned into my new best friend. A feature on GolfNow that i use a lot is called “Find Hot Deals Near Me,” these Hot deals are some times 50% off the standard prices at courses. Since the popularity of the App has grown, more private courses are turning to Golf Now to give non members such as myself access to their course for a reasonable price. The Hot Deals feature will show a variety of tee times throughout the day for different courses near you. All you need to do is type in your location and courses will begin to pop up on the App. You can adjust the location at any time and extend the distance up to 50 miles away from your current location to find courses you may never have been to before. What i also like about the App is that other GolfNow users write reviews of each course which are helpful in picking where you want play. As Spring continues, more and more course will pop up on the App, so do yourself a favor and check out GolfNow, you won’t be sorry folks!

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