Trailer Alert: Game of Thrones Season 7 #GOT


We’re 105 days away from Game of Thrones season 7 (but who’s counting) and thus far we’ve gotten very little footage of the new season. For those of us that sat on FaceBook Live and watched a block of ice get melted by a blowtorch, this new trailer is sweet relief. It’s interesting times for Game of Thrones fans because this is going to be the first season premiere where we know when the series is going to end. The writers will have two seasons to sum everything up, and after the events of last year’s finale, they clearly have a long way to go. No one man (or woman) stays on top for long, which isn’t good news for Queen Cersei, but this preview trailer does a great job highlighting the three main suitors for the ultimate throne, while reminding us that the real King is still a certain plainly colored Walker. July 16th can’t come soon enough!

FYI – If you’re wondering what that haunting song is that’s playing in the trailer, Nerdist has you covered.


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