Kane Might Be Running For Mayor Of Knox County, Tennessee. Yes, That Kane #WWE

A very unexpected challenger might be entering the mayoral race in Knox County, Tenn.

Former WWE Champion Kane has filed paperwork with the Knox County Election Commission, which is traditionally a move that predates a candidacy for mayor. However, there are still several steps to be taken before he formally enters the political arena.

The paperwork in question appoints a political treasurer, as reported by NBC’s local Tennessee affiliate. And while that step is typically seen as the starting point of a mayoral run, Kane must first file a nominating petition during the November election cycle to formally run in the May 1, 2018 elections. – WWE.COM

Kane having a debate about universal healthcare

The most surprising thing about this story is that it’s not surprising at all. WWE Hall of Famers have been elected as Governor of California (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (Donald Trump). Hell, Linda McMahon is apart of President Trump’s cabinet. Is it really any weirder that a guy who escaped a funeral home fire as a child that killed his parents, was raised by a ghostly mortician and who has tried to bury and burn his brother alive on multiple occasions is running for mayor of a small town in Tennessee? In today’s world, that’s as normal as it gets.



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