In The Least Shocking News Ever, Pitbull & Flo Rida Will Be Performing at #WrestleMania 33

The WWE loves using Flo Rida for their WrestleMania themes, and it’s tough to blame them. He’s pretty great at producing songs that fit perfectly into the exciting, upbeat mood that WWE loves to promote this time of year. Now that he’s performing at WM 33, it’ll be the third time in the last six Mania’s that he’s sang a song that’s been used to promote the big event. Wild Ones and Good Feeling were used during the build to WM 28 while I heard My House approximately 40 million times during the Road to WrestleMania last year. He’s also back this year, and he’s bringing his friend Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull to sing Greenlight. Honestly, as long as we keep Cee Lo Green as far away from a wrestling event as humanly possible, I think we’ll be just fine.


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