Early Pictures Of The #WrestleMania Set Are Out On Twitter & It Looks Enormous

Today officially kicks off WrestleMania week, also known as the greatest week of the year. Tonight’s Raw takes place in Philadelphia, but about 1,000 miles south of that in Orlando, the WrestleMania set is being constructed. While last year’s set was gigantic in scope (having a 100,000+ seat football stadium always helps) it was pretty plain, especially for a WrestleMania set. While this year’s show is still six days away, we have an idea of what the set is going to look like thanks to some eagle eyed Twitter users, and good Lord, it looks enormous. I haven’t seen any pictures up close, but if this is what it looks like from far way, I’m expecting to be blown away later in the week. Let’s just make sure we don’t make anything too tall, because Shane McMahon already has a match and has a habit of jumping off of very high structures.



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