Shane McMahon Is Hitting Flying Elbow Drops Through Tables So It Must Be #WrestleMania Season

Isn’t it crazy that WrestleMania is only 11 days away? The biggest show of the year is taking shape, and one of the marquee matches is going to be AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon. While it would’ve been nice to have Styles fighting for a major title after the year he’s had, it’s not happening, so we might as well enjoy his feud with Shane as much as we can. Since Styles is fighting Shane at Mania, there’s one thing guaranteed to happen during the build, and it happened last night: Shane McMahon delivering a flying elbow off the top rope putting his WM opponent through a table. He did it last year to the Undertaker, and here he is again, officially reminding us that WM 33 is almost here. It seems like the match at Mania is going to be either a street fight or No DQ, and that’s good news for fans. As great as AJ Styles is, I’m not interested in watching him to try to get a passable, normal wrestling match out of 47 year old Shane McMahon.



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