‘Baby Driver’ is incredible and indescribable

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer…

“An action movie that is driven by music.” That’s how Edgar Wright introduced this flick to a packed house the the Paramount Theater in downtown Austin. While that is an accurate description, this movie is so much more than that. The cast is great, the soundtrack is amazing, it’s funny and the cinematography/choreography is stunning. The way music is linked to action reminds me of a great musical. A musical with LOTS of police chases (The best kind). Expect Ansel Elgort to blow the fuck up after this. Seriously, he was that good. When this movie comes out later this year, you should be first in line to get tickets. I would write more, but I would just end up gushing about this masterpiece, spoiling every bit of it along the way. ‘Baby Driver’ is one of those movies that reminded me why I love movies.

Now, please excuse me, i’m currently rearranging my top 10 movies of all time.


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