My Favorite Sketch From Octavia Spencer’s #SNL: Jeff Sessions Gump

SNL returned from a two week hiatus with host Octavia Spencer last Saturday, and for the first time all season, there wasn’t a Trump sketch! I honestly thought would be an impossibility with the way Trump and his administration have dominated the news cycle, but this was the most enjoyable cold open in recent memory precisely because it was something different. While we didn’t get Trump, we did get Kate McKinnon as Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a spot on Forrest Gump spoof. The running joke of Kellyanne Conway sitting on her knees started with the cold open and actually lasted throughout the entire show, but comparing Conway to Lt. Dan here made me laugh out loud. Great stuff.

Other funny sketches: Sticky Bun, Eric & Donald Trump Jr. on Weekend Update and of course, Laura Parsons.


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