Goldberg Defeated Kevin Owens in 22 Seconds To Win The WWE Universal Title at #WWEFastLane

If you tuned into last night’s Fast Lane pay per view expecting a lengthy main event with Kevin Owens coming out on top and heading into WrestleMania as Universal champion, then you haven’t been paying attention. As frustrating as it was to watch Owens lose to Goldberg in 22 seconds in the year 2017, it was the plan all along. Similar to The Rock waltzing into WWE in 2013 and taking the belt off of CM Punk at the Rumble, Goldberg’s path was taking him to WrestleMania this year while holding the Universal title. I didn’t mind this scenario as much as the Punk/Rock one, because WWE at least attempted to tell a story with KO. He’s an asshole who pisses everyone off/violently beats them up, including the only friend he had in Chris Jericho. His actions came back to bite him at the worst possible time, and although he deserved what he got from a storyline perspective, he’ll have a legitimate gripe in regards to losing the title. Jericho did cost him the match, and the bell ringing right when Jericho’s music hit could be made into a believable conspiracy theory against KO. Owens and Jericho will probably steal the show at WM because they currently have the most emotionally satisfying story, and Lesnar will probably avenge his recent setbacks to Goldberg by winning the Universal title. While I wish KO was heading into Mania as champ, if Lesnar does in fact take the belt off of Goldberg April 2nd, it sets up a slew of dream matches with KO, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.



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  1. And by matches with KO, Samoa Joe, Rollins, and Strowman you really mean Roman Reigns beating him for the title on the Raw after Mania :*(

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